The Artist Accelerator provides opportunities for adult artists, creatives, and makers to find success by building their professional skills in business and creative work. The program includes classes and workshops on intermediate to advanced art-making, lectures and curriculumn on business topics, and events to invigorate the creative community. The program invites artists from around the region to learn career-building skills that boost confidence, techniques, and economic proficiency.

Community Nourishment

Check out supportive creative community meetups and other Accelerator events.

Accelerator Residency

A 12-week intensive to start
your future creative business.

Self-Paced Accelerator

Learn at your own pace with 1:1 support
Invest in your future creative business!

Professional Skills

Lectures and Workshops
to help you succeed.

Creative Skill Building

Intermediate & Advanced Workshops
to build your creative skills.


Contact Claire Elam,
Artist Accelerator Program Director

This program is supported by

Literary Arts Fund of The Arts Center

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