About Us

Who are We?

In 1960s the grassroots, innovative effort of artists, civic leaders, and university art departments was quite radical: they set out to establish the Corvallis Arts Council as the first community-based arts organization in the State of Oregon, and 27th in the United States. We changed our name to The Arts Center in 2008 with the goal of becoming inclusive of all people seeking connections to the arts.  

In 2023, we will celebrate 60 years at the center of community creativity for our city and region through our exhibition, education, and professional development opportunities.

Read more: 2021 Mid-Year Impacts Report

Our Mission

The Arts Center inspires creativity and contributes to community well-being through equitable access to and engagement with the visual arts.

We collaborate to offer exhibitions, learning opportunities, artist development, and cultural events centered on art, artists and art enthusiasts in the greater Corvallis area.

Our Program Goals:

  • Connect art lovers, learners and creators through outstanding programs
  • Promote a sense of community, artistic support and inclusive cultural richness
  • Create and sustain dynamic partnerships and community support for the arts

We make this happen by:

  • Providing community-based Exhibitions in our galleries.
  • Creating innovative arts experiences promoting self care and community well being.
  • Giving youth from high risk situations a voice that builds confidence in their creative selves through the  Young Artists Program.
  • Offering creative play experiences for young artists to explore and adults to build artistic skills through Integrated Art Education.
  • Connecting you to the creativity of local artists in the ArtShop — the best selection of local arts and crafts in town.
  • Offering programs that support the professional development of artists with employment opportunities, networking, a business foundations lecture series such as an annual community Arts Alive interactive event featuring regional artists and artist residency opportunities.

Sustainability of the Arts into the Future: The Arts Center is in an organization-wide learning project to examine all previous dominant cultural practices and decision-making systems, to move toward the just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive arts organization needed by all people in our communities. To learn more or request information, contact Executive Director, Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock .

Memberships, donations, and volunteers make all of this possible!

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