Pollinator Paradise: An Urban Habitat Project

Corvallis Urban Pollinator Habitat Project

Project Description

Polinator Paradise is a Corvallis Urban Pollinator Habitat demonstration garden that aims to educate the public about plants to use as well as land management practices that protect pollinators and enhance their survival and well-being. The project will provide plant lists, garden design suggestions, and advice on creating pollinator habitats as well as non-toxic management tips.

The design of gardens and management of our landscapes in the Northwest can contribute to the health of bees, butterflies, and other insects. Homeowners, gardeners, landscape professionals, and volunteer groups can all work together to attract a wide range of pollinators to their properties while practicing sustainable landscaping.

Click on the image below to see the Owen Dell and Associates Landscape Design plans used, including a plant identification key.

Landscape design drawing by Owen Dell and Associated Landscape Design.

a long parking strip showing 400 plant starts in rows with irrigation tubins next to them
400 plants installed in one morning.
a crew of garderners on hands and knees in the dirt planing new plant starts into the ground
Planting Party May 7, 2023
a group photo of of nice people of diverse ages and size all wearing work clothes, booths and some gloved, following their planting chores.
Central Park Neighbors Get It Done!


Civic Beautification and Urban Forestry (CBUF) Committee for the Parks and Recreation Department, City of Corvallis, Central Park Neighborhood Association, Friends of Parks & Recreation, Evening Gardening Club, DIG Corporation and Home Grown Gardens, Owen Dell and Associates Landscape Design, The Arts Center. 

This $20,000 project is fundraising and has received $13,000 in cash and in-kind donations. Your support for the remaining $6,000 is greatly appreciated.

Dedicated to…

Ann Staley and James “Courtney” Cloyd, neighbors, lovers of nature, and long-time care takers, cheerleaders and supporters of The Arts Center.

Stay tuned for information about a Fall 2023 dedication ceremony.

sepia toned photo showing two people middle-aged, white haired Ann Staley and Courtney Cloyd hugging each other with broad smiles

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