Literary Arts Fund

Supporting Literary Activities

The Literary Arts Fund was seeded with a generous $20,000 gift from donors wishing to remain anonymous. It was established to support written word, poetry and other literary arts programming integrated with regular visual arts programming that meet our mission to serve the greater Corvallis region.

Through this fund we also honor the work of poet and long-time Corvallis resident Roger Weaver. Weaver founded the Poetry Enterprises Foundation with the goal to “advance global peace and justice through the civilizing influence of poetry.” We thank the Poetry Enterprises Foundation Board for their transfer of remaining funds to The Arts Center’s Endowment Fund when they disbanded.

In 2023 this fund was combined with other program-supporting funds to create The Arts Center Agency Fund for Arts Engagement managed at the Benton Community Foundation.

If you share in our vision of supporting written word, prose and poetry and other literary arts programming, consider donating to The Arts Center’s Agency Fund for Arts Engagement:

Read more information on The Arts Center Endowment, Agency and Donor Designated Funds.