2nd Saturday Arts Day

Saturday,October 14, 2023

DIY Balloon Pumpkins!

1-4 pm in the Main Gallery

Bring the whole family to The Arts Center to learn + play together! 


Upcoming Projects

October 14: DIY Balloon Pumpkins

Using a balloon, paint, twine and modge-podge, create your own “paper mache” style pumpkin for spooky season!

Past Projects

September 9: Tie-Dye Handkerchiefs

Come learn different tie-dye techniques from various cultures around the world! The Arts Center will provide all of the supplies needed to create your own custom tie-dye handkerchief. Instructions for rinsing and washing at home will also be provided.

August 12: Watercolor Wonders

Join us and watercolor artist Camila Godoy to learn a variety of watercolor techniques! With a focus on Summer and nature themes, we will make several watercolor creations and learn how other tools like pen and pencil interact with watercolor paints. Make a watercolor popsicle or flower!

July 8: Coral Reef Community Art Projects!

Come cut, glue, stamp, and paint with us to create a collaborative mural depicting sea life in a coral reef. Take home your own multi-media sea animal craft! Thank you to our creative partners at Corvallis-Benton County Public Library and Maxtivity Arts & Crafts Creative Space for helping to coordinate this project!

June 10: Pride Month Flags!

Show your pride by creating pride flags- either as a paper collage or felt pennant flags. Color options will be available for different LGBTQ+ flag options.

Thank you to our creative partners at Corvallis Public Library’s Youth Services Department.

May 13: Round Weaving for Wellness, FT. Artist Emily McKenzie

Join us and fiber artist Emily McKenzie to learn how to weave in the round. Leave with a finished piece and enough knowledge to make a weaving on your own. Weaving is a great sensory activity for feeling the positive mental benefits of creative flow.

tow examples of poetry collages, poetry compiled from other printed word sources

April 8: Lost and Found Collage, Poetry Zines, FT. Artist Jessica Rehfield

Create your own Lost and Found Poetry zine using collaging techniques.

Join us and artist Jessica Rehfield to use glue sticks, scissors, and old magazines or newspapers to create simple and reproducible found poetry and art zines.

March 11: Poems & Illustration FT. The Poet Lady Rose

Fun for adults and children.

Come learn about different types of poems and try writing one. Or, use one of our pre-written poems to practice making illustrations to pair with the writing. Young writers are welcome to submit their work for our Youth Poetry Contest in April.

Learn more about April Youth Poetry Month celebration and how to submit your poetry.

February 11: Art Making in the Style of Artists Through History

Fun for adults and children.

Join us, Linn Benton NAACP, and the Wakanda Warriors Youth Leadership group in celebrating Black History Month! Together we will explore the influential art styles of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Maya Angelou, and Alma Woodsey Thomas.

Thanks to the Linn Benton NAACP for their support of this event.

hand puppet of bear-like animals in brown, pink, orange

January 14: Puppets & Storytelling

Fun for adults and children.

Join us for Marta Lu Clifford’s incredible live storytelling performance at 1:30pm. We will be making animal puppets to pair with this very special event. Make sure you’re here at 1:30pm to see Marta LIVE!

December 10: Winter Holiday Rock Painting

Need an idea for handmade holiday gifts but don’t know what? Join us for Winter Holiday rock painting. Use our paint pens to create detailed, beautiful and personalized rock painting for your loved ones.

Fun for adults and children.

November 12: Gratitude Stickers & Buttons

Having reminders of the things for which we are grateful is an amazing way to boost our mood and build community as the days get darker and shorter.

Join us for a session of sticker and button making to show what makes you feel thankful.

Fun for adults and children.

October 8: FALL-en Leaves Art Project

Learn how to repurpose fallen leaves into a variety of beautiful art projects including leaf critters/ people, prints, and collages.

Use our leaves, bring your own from home, or take a stroll through Central Park to collect some.

Fun for adults and children.

black tie dye example

September 10: Tie-Dye!

Join us outside of The Arts Center for a Tie-Dyeing Workshop.

An instructional worksheet will be available at The Arts Center showing three different tie-dye techniques from various cultures around the world.

The Arts Center will provide a Black Dye vat, a handkerchief to tie and dye, rubber bands, all of the supplies needed to create your textile art, and will process pieces through the wet dying processes.

Gallon-sized Ziploc bags will be available to carry your dyed piece back home where you can rinse them after processing. Instructions for rinsing and
washing will also be provided.

July 9: Wind Chime Project

Create a homemade wind chime or soundless outdoor decoration. Bring in your own 6-8 inch long outdoor stick and found objects you think would work well. (Dowels will also be available.)

To make them even more special we will doodle on one or more the pieces.

June 11: Handmade PRIDE Paper Project

June is Pride Month.

Create a piece of handmade paper in your favorite rainbow color.

Up-cycle used scraps of plain paper, tissue paper in rainbow colors, and water to make a small piece of decorative paper to creatively re-use.

May 14: Neurographic Art Project

We will use a simple drawing technique to create works of art that resemble neurons and cellular structures.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month to recognize that Mental Health is an important part of overall health.


four different shaped leaves: maple, pin oak, and other

April 9: Leaf Relief Art Making

Creating artwork using the patterns of the leaves.

BRING WITH YOU: Leaves, twigs, flowers

Using the leaves, twigs, and/or flowers you have collected, we will create relief designs with tin foil and black paint, revealing the silvery outlines.

image of marbled colors on a circular plane

March 12: Pour over Painting

Explore color mixing and how fun painting can be when you just let it flow.

(In Person until further notice.)

February 12 Project:  Create a Weathergram

Weathergrams are short poems, words, and/or images that you want to give a place in the world. They are traditionally hung outdoors where the elements reshape them. All supplies are included in this free event.

(In Person until further notice.)

January 8 Project:  Rock Painting

Rocks make great little “canvases” to paint. Bring your own rock, or paint one supplied. All paints and brushes supplied to create a mini-masterpiece.

In Person (updated 1-6-2022)

image of four snowflake patterns

December 11 Project:  A Variation on Snowflake Cutting

We will use lightweight origami paper to create beautifully intricate snowflakes. You will get to choose the design you want, sketch it out on the folded paper, and cut it out. Volunteers will be available to assist with cutting.

FUN FACT: Researchers say that on a molecular level, no two snowflakes are alike, however all snowflakes fall into 1 of 35 shapes. 

November 13 Project:  Create a Washi Tape Coaster

Create a Washi Tape Coaster: use a 4 x 4 art board to create a coaster using decorative tape. Tapes come in solid colors and patterns. Use collage techniques, or design patterns or pictures.

Use a 4 x 4 art board to create a coaster using decorative tape. Tapes come in solid colors and patterns. Use collage techniques, or design patterns or pictures.

Washi tape is a decorative tape made out of rice paper. It originated from Japan. It’s flexible, durable and rips easily, so there is no need for scissors.

September 11 Project:  Tie-dye with Cochineal, a natural dye

Join us outside of The Arts Center for a cochineal tie-dyeing workshop. You can bring a pre-tied or banded handkerchief in a natural fiber for dyeing (100% cotton, linen, or silk). The Arts Center will provide the Cochineal Dye vat, a handkerchief to tie and dye, and put your pieces through the wet dying processes.

Cochineal is a tiny insect that lives on Cactus plants. It produces carminic acid as a defense against predators and it is this acid, when extracted from the insect that makes the dye. Depending on the mordant used with it, it can produce vibrant red, scarlet, orange, and purple.

August 14 Project: Create and Decorate a Shadow Puppet

Decorate a cut-out form to create your own shadow puppets and then get ready to play. We will create a shadow puppet stage in the gallery for staging stories from your imagination.

Shadow Puppetry is an ancient art form of storytelling used in many countries around the world. A talented puppeteer can make the puppet appear to walk, run, dance and play.

July 10 Project: Create a Scroll

Use a stencil on a long piece of drawing paper to design a scroll. Add words or messages about something of your day along with stenciled designs.

Scrolls or rolls were the earliest form of record keeping texts. They were made from parchment or papyrus paper and unrolled to read. They predate books.

June 12 Project: Rainbow Beads for Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month and make rainbow art beads with us!

May 8 Project: Bark Cloth (Asian Pacific American Month)

With respect and recognition to Asian Pacific American Month, we will be creating a “bark cloth” textile using butcher paper, crayons, and markers. This project was initially designed by a teacher in Hawaii to connect students to their heritage and culture. Pacific Island cultures used bark to make clothing and other textiles until the turn of the century when colonists brought cotton to their region. 

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