image of four snowflake patterns

2nd Saturday Arts Day

December 11 Project: A Variation on Snowflake Cutting

1- 4 pm in the gallery and plaza area

We invite all community members to join us the 2nd Saturday of each month for an arts and craft-making activity.

Bring the whole family to The Arts Center to learn + play together! 

Upcoming Projects

image of four snowflake patterns

December 11 Project:  A Variation on Snowflake Cutting

Past Projects

November 13 Project:  Create a Washi Tape Coaster

Create a Washi Tape Coaster: use a 4 x 4 art board to create a coaster using decorative tape. Tapes come in solid colors and patterns. Use collage techniques, or design patterns or pictures.

Use a 4 x 4 art board to create a coaster using decorative tape. Tapes come in solid colors and patterns. Use collage techniques, or design patterns or pictures.

Washi tape is a decorative tape made out of rice paper. It originated from Japan. It’s flexible, durable and rips easily, so there is no need for scissors.

September 11 Project:  Tie-dye with Cochineal, a natural dye

Join us outside of The Arts Center for a cochineal tie-dyeing workshop. You can bring a pre-tied or banded handkerchief in a natural fiber for dyeing (100% cotton, linen, or silk). The Arts Center will provide the Cochineal Dye vat, a handkerchief to tie and dye, and put your pieces through the wet dying processes.

Cochineal is a tiny insect that lives on Cactus plants. It produces carminic acid as a defense against predators and it is this acid, when extracted from the insect that makes the dye. Depending on the mordant used with it, it can produce vibrant red, scarlet, orange, and purple.

August 14 Project: Create and Decorate a Shadow Puppet

Decorate a cut-out form to create your own shadow puppets and then get ready to play. We will create a shadow puppet stage in the gallery for staging stories from your imagination.

Shadow Puppetry is an ancient art form of storytelling used in many countries around the world. A talented puppeteer can make the puppet appear to walk, run, dance and play.

July 10 Project: Create a Scroll

Use a stencil on a long piece of drawing paper to design a scroll. Add words or messages about something of your day along with stenciled designs.

Scrolls or rolls were the earliest form of record keeping texts. They were made from parchment or papyrus paper and unrolled to read. They predate books.

June 12 Project: Rainbow Beads for Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month and make rainbow art beads with us!

May 8 Project: Bark Cloth (Asian Pacific American Month)

With respect and recognition to Asian Pacific American Month, we will be creating a “bark cloth” textile using butcher paper, crayons, and markers. This project was initially designed by a teacher in Hawaii to connect students to their heritage and culture. Pacific Island cultures used bark to make clothing and other textiles until the turn of the century when colonists brought cotton to their region. 

Students will use butcher paper, crayons, and markers to create a “bark cloth” textile. All supplies are provided.

A huge thanks to Stover, Evey and Jackson for their sponsorship of 2nd Saturday Art Day Spring/Summer Events!

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