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Volunteer Board of Directors


  • Pat Berman – President
  • Kimberly Long – Vice President
  • Keith Farney – Treasurer
  • Mandy Clark – Secretary
  • Alyce Chapman
  • Morgen Daniels
  • Adrienne Fritze
  • David Goodrum
  • Deborah John
  • Kristi Martens
  • Nell O’Malley
  • Doris Rogers
  • Jeff Schiminsky


  • Tom Steele – President
  • Therese Misner – Treasurer
  • Morgen Daniels – Secretary
  • Deborah John
  • Frank Hann

Since 2020, The Arts Center is in an organization-wide process of learning and change to examine and address discriminatory policies, dominant cultural practices, and decision-making systems, with the goal of becoming a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive arts organization. We are actively embedding justice, equity, and transparency into every level of our organization.

We invite individuals who share our commitment to this goal to join our team and to help shape a more just and equitable future for our organization as well as for the communities we serve. The Arts Center seeks people who share and support our mission. We encourage a cross-section of people representing our diverse communities to apply, including those from historically excluded communities including (but not limited to): rural communities, from communities of color, LGBTQ+, and those new to participation in the arts. Board Members demonstrate their leadership potential in many ways and contribute to an invigorating, dynamic group of highly motivated collaborators.

The Board Application is OPEN for submissions. Applications are being accepted for 2023, review date TBD. Read more about the work of the Board of Directors . . .

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