An all-acoustic music event performed by local musicians!

The focus is folk music. Other musical genres are welcome. Both individuals and groups and a variety of instrumentation are encouraged.

Free and open to all, both performers and audience.

2nd Tuesday of each month
Time: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison, Corvallis

Contact Kurt Smith at k_smith1342(at)comcast(dot)net or phone at 541-270-6369

LOCAL FOLK is a partnership of the Corvallis Folklore Society and The Arts Center, Corvallis


Local Folk

The Arts Center is a member of the Mid-Willamette Valley Art Trail — “Fifty Miles of Art” along the Hwy 99W corridor.  Pick up a brochure at here, or any of the other twelve participating galleries, and create your self-guided art adventure to McMinnville, Independence/Monmouth and Corvallis, Oregon.

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The Arts Center presents

Trystan Reese @ The Whiteside Theatre

Trystan shares his  story of life, family and transition with us. 

Trystan Reese sprang into the public consciousness in 2017 when he decided to tell his trans pregnancy story in the mainstream media. He and his partner, Biff, are also the adoptive parents of Biff’s biological niece and nephew. They are proud to have expanded the public conversation about trans reproductive justice, queer families, and what it means to be a father. He regularly tells the unique story of his family’s creation to audiences across the country. 

He is the Director of Family Formation at Family Equality Council, a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ families and those who wish to form them. 

REGISTER NOW for this FREE Event!
Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets

An Evening with Trystan Reese kicks off programming about transgender identity using the arts as a means of communication and connection: 

Our Thanks for support of this event, exhibition, and associated programming: 

Counseling and Psychological Services, Oregon State University

Jim and Ruth Howland Fund of The Arts Center Endowment Fund


14th Annual Youth Poetry Celebration | Corrine Woodman Gallery

April 2– May 1, 2019

  • Youth Open Mic Poetry Reading, Wednesday, May 1 @ 5:00 pm

In celebration of April Poetry Month 2019, Grades K-8 poets, living in Linn or Benton County have sent poems and artwork to the 14th Annual Youth Poetry Celebration. All poems submitted are exhibited in the Corinne Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center. Last year over 100 young poets participated.

The show ends with a celebration and Open Mic Poetry Reading. Each youth participant receives a modest cash award. Reception, Youth Open Mic and Award Announcement is Wednesday, May 1, 2019, 5-6:30 pm. 

Award certificates are selected by poetry and art judges, and awarded for poetry and artistic presentation in several age categories.

Light refreshments provided.

April Poetry Month’s exhibit and event supported by Mary Van Denend, the Literary Arts Fund of The Arts Center’s Endowment Fund, and The Arts Center. To learn more about literary arts programs, and how you can support them, Contact Cynthia Spencer, 541-754-1551, Ext. 654.

Youth Poetry Winners 2019

First Name Last Name Title Grade Award
Tyger DeBolt Driftwood 8 1st Place + Art Award
Mirabelle Chen Night 2 1st Place English
Penelope Wiegand The Mushroom Wood 3 1st Place English
Morgan Koller El Taco Gato 1 1st Place Spanish
Aiden Reed Un Lapiz 4 1st Place Spanish
Leon Garcia Ugly 8 2nd Place
Mathilda Wiegand Fox Goes Out 1 2nd Place English
Alivia King Ice Cream Time 4 2nd Place English
Marlen Lopez Capas de la Tierra 1 2nd Place Spanish
Madilyn Baldwin Mi poem de quiero a ese muestra 4 2nd Place Spanish
Cara Morgen The Beast of Halloween 6 3rd Place
Mika Peltomaki Space 5 3rd Place English
Quinn Mann Poolday pre K 3rd Place English
Genesis Lopez-Dominguez Volcanes 1 1st Place Spanish
Amiya Lindsey Jardin 4 3rd Place Spanish
TC   My Cat 1 Art Award
Adele Wolfe Rats 2 Art Award
Aiden Kirby Spring Turtles 3 Art Award
Emma Terry Dragon Dragon 3 Art Award
Grace Koller Sky 4 Art Award
Silas Hackthorn Mi Perro! 4 Art Award
Ellen Dayvance Gentle Row 5 Art Award
Thomas Adams Snow 6 Art Award
Louk Maser Red pre K Art Award
Alan Romero Blue pre K Art Award
Daisy Adams Flowers 1 Honorable Mention E
Corrina Kiebler-Windham Red Pandas 2 Honorable Mention E
Adele Aukerman Snow Day 2 Honorable Mention E
Eva Hall Silly is Yellow 4 Honorable Mention E
Corbin Roderswel Sadnis 4 Honorable Mention E
Derek Henriquez Angry is Red 4 Honorable Mention E
Lexi Swanson Calm is Blue 4 Honorable Mention E
Natalee Stevens Wild 5 Honorable Mention E
Dawson Narenda Spring 5 Honorable Mention E
SG   George K Honorable Mention E
Ennie Jiang Happy Lantern Festival K Honorable Mention E
Renezmae Monterastelli Pink pre K Honorable Mention E
Liam Varner Untitled pre K Honorable Mention E
Nestor Zavala Black pre K Honorable Mention E
Rylan Rowen Dinosaurs pre K Honorable Mention E
Adrienne Shields La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Selma Janske Las Koalas 1 Honorable Mention S
Gia Baum La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Eli Riley-Stevens El Koala Oscura 1 Honorable Mention S
Avery Bly La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Bea Ryan Gatos 1 Honorable Mention S
Odin Compton Lola 4 Honorable Mention S
Lucas Clemens Gatos 4 Honorable Mention S
Emmett Peetz Vader 4 Honorable Mention S
Jaquin Diaz-Andrade Diamante 4 Honorable Mention S
Arabella Bribiccaspann Ama e ese gatiti 4 Honorable Mention S
Elena Adams Ama 4 Honorable Mention S
Carmen Juarez La Playa 4 Honorable Mention S


2019 Exhibition Schedule – Illustrated

November 13-December 29, 2018.

Three artists share their personal approaches to watercolor painting with images from around Oregon. Doyle Leek, Midge Black and Humberto Gonzalez share their work in the Corrine Woodman Gallery.
Represented are traditional plein aire techniques, “controlled spontaneity” and more precise use of the medium.
Thanks to Debby Sundbaum Sommers for selecting works for this show. She is a print maker and painter and former graphics artist for Oregon State University. 

November 15-December 29, 2018

Artists, Makers and Tinkerers are celebrate “TOYS” in a show for the holiday season. The resulting collection is a delight for kids, dogs, cats and grown-ups alike. The exhibit is part invitational and part open. The show is also a fundraiser, so each work in the show is for sale. Makers and The Arts Center and share the sale price 50/50.

About the Toys:

They may be for play (functional), but also for pure decoration (non-functional), and are made out of most any materials including wood, glass, clay, metal, wire, paper, plexiglass, fabric or fiber. There are also a few 2D representations of toys. The only parameter was that they may be no bigger than roughly 1 foot in all directions, and even this rule was broken.

Participating artists:

Pat Berman, Rich Bergeman, Trish Browning, Roberta Casteel, Hester Coucke, 
Rutger and Judith Coucke, Brian Egan, Suzanne Getz, Anthony Gordon, Jess Graff, 
Jen Hernandez-Cornelius, Kathy Jederlinich, Ann Lahr, Kimberly Long, Marta Maxwell, Karen Miller, Lauren Ohlgren, Susan Pachuta, Rani Primmer and Peggy Sharrow.
Artist Talk:  Kimberly Long, Rani Primer, Susan Pachuta:

 “Giftwrap” at the Exhibit:

Thursday, December 20, 5:30-7:30 pm is a “last minute shopping and gift wrapping” event during the Corvallis Arts Walk. Patrons who bought work to give as a Christmas gift may pick up their purchase that day and have it gift wrapped. We’ll leave an image of the toy in its place.


Thanks to Corvallis PakMail for sponsorship support of TOYS.Logo for PakMail of Corvallis

October 9-12, 2018

  • Thurs, October 11, 5-8 pm Art Bar @ The Arts Center**

Preview the art that will be featured at Chocolate Wonderland 2018. 

Thanks to the local artists participating in this special pop-up exhibition and art sale for  Chocolate Wonderland.  Support local artists AND your arts center by purchasing art at Chocolate Wonderland.

  • Jim Adams
  • Mark Allison
  • Greg Bal
  • Jerri Bartholomew
  • David Carmack Lewis
  • Carol Chapel
  • Bets Cole
  • Hester Coucke
  • Faye Cummins
  • Rob Dudenhoefer
  • Ann Durley
  • Anthony Gordon
  • Leslie Green
  • Jeff Gunn
  • Yuji Hiratsuka
  • Liz Hoffman
  • Sally Ishikawa
  • Ann Lahr
  • Justin Lodge
  • Rinee Merritt
  • Paris Myers
  • Lauren Ohlgren
  • Susan Pachuta
  • Judith Sander
  • Subarna Talukder Bose
  • Alisha Whitman
  • Iris Kriz (age 7)
  • Mathias Kriz (age 9)
  • Karis Kriz (age 10)
  • Grace Whitman (age 6)
  • Isaac Whiteman (age 7)
  • Lucy Whitman (age 4)
  • Meredith Whitman (age 11)

**Art Bar is a special preview and creative cocktail event with local distillers Vivacity, 4Spirits Distillery and Spiritopia Liqueurs, goodies from Valley Catering, and Mamalou BakeShop,  Thursday, October 11, 5-8 pm. 


Every First Thursday, 5:30-7 pm

The Artist Accelerator kicks off the fall season with an Artist Meetup at the Arts Center Thursday, October 4, 5:30-7 pm.

Bring a WIP, work in progress (song, music, painting, sculpture, etc.) to share or just come to enjoy the company of local and regional artists. We’re celebrating the start of fall, art in the community, and we will be announcing new programming of the Artist Accelerator Program.

October 16 – 27, 2018

  • Reception October 18 5:30-7:30 pm, Corvallis Arts Walk, 4-8 pm

The Arts Center exhibits photographs collected by Christopher Rauschenberg, a photographer himself. The title “Eclipsing” stands for more than the solor eclipse we experienced last year. It is also a time-honored photography technique. Rauschenberg explains:

“In 1979 there was a total solar eclipse in the Portland area. Too late, I realized that I had missed a great chance to “educate the public about photography” by having an Eclipse Show (at Blue Sky Gallery) that had no photographs of the sun and moon. The total eclipse of the summer of 2017 gave me a second chance and I took it. 

If you picture a photographer at work, you are likely to picture them moving side to side while looking through the camera — trying out various compositions with various combinations of foreground objects eclipsing the background ones. “Eclipsing” is a primary aspect of photography but it’s not part of people’s understanding of the medium. If you don’t notice something unless it makes the sun go dark in the daytime, maybe you’re really not paying attention as much as you might. 

If this exhibition and/or the accompanying catalog tempt you into occasionally closing one eye and playing with lining things up and eclipsing, then I’m happy. The world is, among other things, a visual playground and play is always important work.”

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