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Howland Open – Main Gallery

January 31 - March 18, 2023 The Howland Community OPEN -- our most popular show of the year.

Lee Niemi – Corrine Woodman Gallery

January 10 - February 11, 2023Corrine Woodman GalleryTo and From the Past is a continuation of work by local artist Lee Niemi about childhood, gender, and communication. Despite Niemi’s faulty memory, through his work he is able to connect with his youth. In an attempt to embrace the past, Niemi was compelled to take an almost childlike approach to this exhibition. “My relationship with my art has shifted to be very similar to that I had as a young kid, and I’m learning to forget a lot of how I’ve been conditioned to act since then.”   By creating abstract self-portraits, Neimi clearly communicates…