Confluence II

OSU Art & Science Fellows

May 7 – June 1, 2024

Thursday, May 16, 5:30 -7 PM


The Arts Center is hosting Confluence II, the first of four exhibitions featuring final projects from 2024 Oregon State University Art and Science Fellows.

Confluences II is a suite of exhibitions and events featuring work created by ’23 – ’24 PRAx Student Fellows. These fellowships offer students the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary creative or journalistic project informed by active engagement with research in science or engineering at Oregon State University. Work in a variety of mediums from sculpture and painting to film and musical composition will be presented at venues on campus and in downtown Corvallis through the months of May and June.

Part of the Arts-Sci Initiative, this program is supported by external sponsors and partners from across OSU. Thank you to the artists, filmmakers, writers, scientists, and engineers who work with students as mentors throughout the year.

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Nicole Fronda is a PhD student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics at Oregon State University (OSU). Her research involves developing guaranteed safe control algorithms for autonomous robots such as drones. Fronda’s interests in music composition, data sonification, and poetry combine with her research pursuits in this exhibition, as she uses simulated safe and unsafe drone flight trajectories to paint a contrasting ambient soundscape. Fronda’s engineering and arts mentors are Dr. Houssam Abbas, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at OSU, and Dr. Peter Swendsen, Director of OSU’s School of Visual, Performing and Design Arts.

Ethan Makinster is a senior at Oregon State University studying biochemistry and molecular biology with a minor in psychology and chemistry. He has been producing music as a hobby for around 6 years. Makinster mainly produces music that intersects orchestral elements with electronic music drawing influences from artists such as Apashe, Jaron, Teminite, and Flume. He is currently working on a project for his thesis that involves making music that helps reduce stress.

Henry Pitts grew up on the banks of the Black Warrior River in the southern United States, where he first fell in love with water and running. He currently lives along the Willamette River in the Pacific Northwest, and spends his weekends exploring the hills around Corvallis. He first got inspired by the power of art and advocacy by spending time with his more creative and better two-thirds, his triplet sisters, in college.


May 13 – June 6

The Little Gallery | Oregon State University

Reception – May 15, 4:30 PM

Exhibitors- Jason St. Clair, Celeste Anderle, Jazlee Crowley, Molly Pearson, AJ Damiana, Eloise Thoreson, Carina Cusaka

June 4, 4 PM

Detrick Hall | PRAx | Oregon State University

Writing & Film Symposium

Reception – 5:30 PM

Presenters- Nyssa Engebo, Elizabeth Nguyen, Cassidy Ochoa, Matthew Vaughan, Gabriel Ayayia, Lucinda Boyle, Lydia Dapkus

June 7 – June 29

Truckenbrod Gallery

Reception- June 20, 4­ PM – 8 PM

Exhibitors- Dragomira Zheleva, Anne Krone, Olivia Burleigh, Nilanjana Das, Delaney Chabot

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