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Corvallis Arts Walk

Thursday, February 15, 2023

4:00 – 8:00 PM

The Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) is a monthly celebration put on by local artists on the third Thursday of each month. Check out the stunning visual art at the venues below and enjoy the creative spirit of the Corvallis community.

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The Arts Center

700 SW Madison Avenue

Open 4 – 7 PM

2024 Howland Community Open

CAW night is the last chance to vote for the 2024 Howland Open People’s Choice Awards. Stop by The Arts Center before 7PM to cast your votes.

Awards will be announced at the gallery reception, Saturday, February 17, 1 – 2:30 PM. Saturday’s reception is free and open to all!

New Mythologies – Corrine Woodman Gallery

Portland artist Jeff Leake presents New Mythologies, a series of paintings examining the impact of storytelling on human relationships.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Core Gallery: Corvallis Foundry

257 SW Madison Suite #210

What are you going to do, you have reached a crossroads – Eliza MacClary

Through color and surprising juxtaposition of ideas imagery and mediums, artist Eliza MacClary has a fresh perspective that is truly on display in this month’s show. The show highlights the highs and lows of growing up, and the irony of difficult societal problems.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Pegasus Gallery

Pegasus Gallery

312 SW Madison Ave

..of Hands and Hearts

Pegasus Gallery opens February with “…of Hands and Hearts.” Sharing pieces by local wood workers David Pilotte and Geoff Barstow, ceramic works by Anthony Gordon and Jan Dymond, stone sculpture by Laurence Pagan-Taoman, fiber work by Peggy Sharrow and paintings and mixed media pieces by Eileen Hyman, Kathy Jederlinich, Kris Mitchell, Bill Shumway and Janet and Henry Nielsen.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Pegasus Gallery

Conundrum House & Remarkable Arts

460 SW Madison Ave 2nd Floor

Bare Walls: On the spot collaborative art creation & exhibition

An interactive art-making experiment for our CAW guests. Art substrates (paper, plywood, prepped panels, canvas) will be available; work will go on display when the pool of artist jurors declare a work completed! The resulting community-created art will remain on display for 3 weeks. It’s a great opportunity to get a feel for creating a collaborative work that will be on display as a purchasable work of art. Proceeds from art sales will go to MAXtivity for their community arts programming.

Truckenbrod Gallery

Terra Viva Gallery

354 SW Madison Ave

Anna Russell

Join us at our abstract painting, handmade ceramics and artisan silversmith jewelry gallery for a captivating journey into the world of handcrafted elegance. Discover the beauty of meticulously crafted silver jewelry, each piece a masterpiece of creativity and craftsmanship.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Art in the Valley

209 SW 2nd Street

Drawing for All Seasons

Drawing for all Seasons is our featured artist show with Carol Chapel: “Drawings are done on botany dyed paper. I dyed the paper using plants of the season, then did drawings of the plants of the same season. They are not necessarily the same plants I used to dye the paper. The dyed paper is to add depth and atmosphere to the drawings, not to mimic the drawings.”


Ants on a Log Cafe

401 SW Jefferson Ave

4-6 PM only

Three Artists

Ants on a Log Cafe will feature three artists: Valerie Skelton, Rhiannon Fritschle and Rae Nelson.

Valerie is a muralist and portrait artist who will be offering on-the-spot, realistic live portrait art. Rhiannon hand-makes relief prints inspired by the natural (and supernatural!) world, and lately has been looking for more sustainable ways to create art using paper that would otherwise be thrown away. Rae is a painter who loves bringing contemplation and joy to people through their art; each painting is an authentic expression of a range of different human experiences and emotions.


Corvallis Museum

411 SW 2nd Street

Dharma: Its Giving Head

Dharmakrishna “Dharma” Mirza is an artist, activist and scholar. Dharma is pursuing her PhD at OSU in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Public Health. Dharma’s methods draw from her lived experiences as a biracial, disabled, queer, intersex Muslim trans woman and Khwaja Sira (Pakistani Third Gender identity). This exhibit is part of the Queervallis Drag History Project’s Gallery Story Series. Dharma aims to have her art and the community’s stories shared as a means of honoring the contributions and legacy of the LGBTQ+ and QTIBIPOC communities of Benton County. “It’s Giving Head” focuses on the various drag aesthetics with a focus on the face as the artists’ canvas, using a cheeky subversive approach. 

Truckenbrod Gallery

Truckenbrod Gallery

517 SW 2nd Street

Hopeful Things in Dark Places – Heather Lee Birdsong

The paintings in Hopeful Things in Dark Places, an exhibition by Portland artist Heather Lee Birdsong, represent her efforts to understand “home” as a physical place, separate from and alongside “home” as a feeling of belonging. Birdsong reconstructs and merges half-remembered buildings from different times in her life with carefully observed landscapes, moving (as the artist did) from the Mojave Desert to Pacific Northwest temperate rainforests. Invasive, native, and toxic plant species allude to complex issues including disposable architecture, encroaching climate change, and relationships that become tied to the places where they blossom or wither.

Reynolds Law Firm

555 NW 5th Street

Mystery Garden Series – Michael Hone

Local artist Michael Hone has been really finding his voice and an artist this year. Working with acrylic on canvas, Hone diligently shows up for himself, painting whenever he gets a chance. From landscapes to abstracts, his newest series has been a juicy combination of botanicals and abstraction he calls his Mystery Garden Series. Bursting with color and movement, Hone’s brushwork is inspiring.


1563 NW Monroe Ave

Stop in and see…

Are you a business or storefront space interested in being part of the Corvallis Art Walk? Contact Jennie Castle via email, to be added to the CAW location list.

Artists, contact locations individually to inquire about CAW exhibitions. You can follow the CAW here and via Facebook and Instagram.

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