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Thursday, July 18, 2024

4:00 – 8:00 PM

The Corvallis Arts Walk (CAW) is a monthly celebration put on by local artists on the third Thursday of each month. Check out the stunning visual art at the venues below and enjoy the creative spirit of the Corvallis community.

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The Arts Center

700 SW Madison Avenue

Open 4 – 7 PM

Playdemonium – Robin Kerr and Coco Ma

Playdemonium, a fusion of play and pandemonium, explores the multicultural experiences of Chinese born artist, Coco Ma and New Zealand born artist, Robin Kerr. Both artists utilize playful and multifaceted abstraction to explore complex themes of identity and personal relationships.

The 4th Wall – Nathan Danilowicz

Though his established practice of geometric abstract drawing and painting, Nathan Danilowicz responds directly to the Corrine Woodman Gallery, as he considers the convention of the 4th wall in relation to the architecture and the phenomenological experience of The Arts Center.

“Walk the CAW” Supporters – Thanks to Softstar Shoes for sponsoring TAC’s CAW programing


Ants on a Log Cafe

401 SW Jefferson Ave

Open 4 – 6 PM

Three Featured Artists

Ants on a Log Cafe will feature three artists this month – Valerie Skelton, Rhiannon Fritschle, and Rae Nelson!

Valerie is a muralist and portrait artist who will be offering live, on-the-spot realistic portrait art. Rhiannon hand-makes relief prints inspired by the natural (and supernatural!) world. Rae is a painter who loves bringing contemplation and joy to people through their art.

Come support these local artists and enjoy healthy, organic, and gluten-free food and drinks at our cafe! We will also have a collaborative art project you can come contribute to that will be hung up in a gallery afterwards!

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Art in the Valley

209 SW 2nd Street

Summer – Linda Ohlson

Linda Ohlson, a member of Art in the Valley Gallery for the past nine years, is the featured artist for the month of July with her show Summer.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Core Gallery: Corvallis Foundry

257 SW Madison Suite #210

Bounty of The Willamette – Duncan Rothe

Bounty of The Willamette aims to display and foster interest in the beautiful fauna of Benton County through the lens of local wildlife photographer Duncan Rothe.


Corvallis Museum

411 SW 2nd Street

La ArrugaJimena Lloreda

Special performance at 7 pm, Free entry – $5-10 suggested donation for the performance.

Jimena Lloreda is a writer, illustrator and visual artist who works in masks and costumes as well as illustrated stories that deal with autobiographical themes about being a mother and woman in Puerto Rico.

Jimena Lloreda es una escritora, ilustradora y artista visual puertorriqueña que trabaja con máscaras y disfraces, así como cuentos ilustrados que tratan temas autobiográficos sobre ser madre y mujer en Puerto Rico.


CRV Science

Bryan creates digital art with a science and nature theme to promote science education in the Willamette Valley. From clothing to art prints and housewares, CRV Science uses both traditional media and digital formats to spread a message of environmental conservation and sustainability.


Living Studios Gallery at Cornerstone Associates

1445 SE Crystal Lake Dr #101

Alive – Paul Meuse

Paul Meuse is a Salem-based artist whose paintings on found objects act as visual notations that connect the impulse to create with questions about what it means to be human.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Pegasus Gallery

Pegasus Gallery

312 SW Madison Ave

Chapters One through Eight: The Art of William E. Shumway

Pegasus Gallery presents Chapters One through Eight: The Art of William E. Shumway. The Gallery will spend the summer exploring the life’s work of local artist and arts advocate Bill Shumway. Shumway passed away in May, leaving an amazing trail of artwork, creativity, relationships, collaboration and advocacy in his wake. Exploring his body of dynamic art with his community will be an adventure. We’ll add pieces each week, also exploring his totem animals, wolf and crow. Come share your experiences with Shumway with his family and they’ll share his art with you.

Truckenbrod Gallery

Terra Viva Gallery

354 SW Madison Ave

Anna Russell

Join us at our abstract painting, handmade ceramics and artisan silversmith jewelry gallery for a captivating journey into the world of handcrafted elegance. Discover the beauty of meticulously crafted silver jewelry, each piece a masterpiece of creativity and craftsmanship.

Reynolds Law Firm

555 NW 5th Street

Tea Time – Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson has been taking photographs for the past 50 years. He enjoyed sharing his love for photography with the students he taught many years, and encouraged them to look for the beauty that is all around us. His pictures have been published in two books that he and his wife, Elda have written. The teapots have recently been one of the focuses of his photography. Many of the pictures displayed were used in the book, “A Simple Cup of Ty” and became a source for searching for unusual teapots. He and his wife have over 60 unusual teapots and display them proudly in their home. He also loves taking pictures of the ocean since he lives on the Oregon Coast.

Truckenbrod Gallery

Truckenbrod Gallery

517 SW 2nd Street

Myth and Memory: A Narrative from Two Generations

In Myth and Memory: A Narrative from Two Generations, family members Brenda Congdon, Laura Yurko, and Greg Power explore the presence and power of generational play through pastels, animation, sculptures, and original music.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Pegasus Gallery

Conundrum House & Remarkable Arts

460 SW Madison Ave 2nd Floor


Are you a business or storefront space interested in being part of the Corvallis Art Walk? Contact Jennie Castle via email, to be added to the CAW location list.

Artists, contact locations individually to inquire about CAW exhibitions. You can follow the CAW here and via Facebook and Instagram.

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