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Corvallis Arts Walk

Thursday, September 21, 2023

4:00 – 8:00 PM

The Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) is a monthly celebration put on by local artists on the third Thursday of each month. Check out the stunning visual art at the venues below and enjoy the creative spirit of the Corvallis community.

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Corvallis Arts Walk (CAW) Map
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The Arts Center

700 SW Madison Avenue

Open 4 – 7 PM

Dualities – Gabe Babcock & Roberta Monte James

Dualities is an exhibition expressing the delicate yet perdurable attributes of nature. Ceramic, stone, and wood convey feelings of permanence, while cotton, silk, and other such fibers are fragile by comparison.

Artists will be in attendance for a reception starting at 5:30 PM.

8×8 (with a Twist) – Local Artists Supporting TAC

This is an Expressions of Community Art for the Heart fundraiser celebrating arts engagement that contributes to community well-being.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Art in the Valley

209 SW 2nd Street

Life’s Simple Pleasures – Phyllis Johnson

In this increasingly complex, problematic world the need to keep focused on the simple joys of life is paramount. Given my love of color and texture, I offer some depictions of joyful activities, all created in my most pleasurable pastime of painting.


Conundrum House & RemarkableArts

460 SW Madison Ave 2nd Floor

Check Back Next Month

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Art in the Valley

Core Gallery: Corvallis Foundry

257 SW Madison Suite #210

Willy-Nilly Johhny Beaver

Willy-Nilly is an eclectic, quasi-retrospective laundry hamper of artworks that could be sorted into one-off, unprocessed, pined-after, abandoned, partialized, previously-unexhibited, forcibly-stored, and long-lost piles. Themes on anxiety, insomnia, and interpersonal trauma ooze and sputter from the last fifteen years, (perhaps hilariously) attempting to prop up a lattice of memory I still can’t tell if I’m working for or against.


1563 NW Monroe Ave

Isobel Robinson

Art by mixed media artist, Isobel Robinson.

Corvallis Art Walk (CAW) - Pegasus Gallery

Pegasus Gallery

312 SW Madison Ave

2023 Philomath Open Studios Tour Artists

Pegasus Gallery hosts the 2023 Philomath Open Studios Tour Artists in the POST Pre-Tour Exhibit.

Artists include: Kris Mitchell, Phil Coleman, Debbie Sundbaum-Sommers, Debi Friedlander, Justin Worlford, Jeff Gunn, Dale Donovan, Leslie Tejada, Gale Everett, Linda Herd, Julia Lont, Jennifer Deily, Rebecca Arthur, Brian Egan, Mark Gillespie, Anthony Gordon, Babette Grunwald, Kristin Hager, Ann Laur, Carol Houk, Kate McGee, Mack Howard, Steve Terhune, Lynn Radosevich, Jean Lawrence, Emma Marlieve

Reynolds Law Firm

555 NW 5th Street

Jess Hume

Stop by to see Jess and the artwork – snacks and beverages will be available all evening.

Truckenbrod Gallery

Terra Viva Gallery

354 SW Madison Ave

Anna Russell

Unique artistic ceramics, paintings, and silversmith Jewelry by Corvallis artist Anna Russell.

Truckenbrod Gallery

Truckenbrod Gallery

517 SW 2nd Street

Artist talk at 5 PM

Interruption of the Whole – Dr. Seri Robinson

Interruption of the Whole is an examination of biology (description: Robinson combines their wood turning and research into the fungi that cause spalting to connect to themes of embracing unique intersex bodies.

Are you a business or storefront space interested in being part of the Corvallis Art Walk? Contact Jennie Castle via email, to be added to the CAW location list.

Artists, contact locations individually to inquire about CAW exhibitions. You can follow the CAW here and via Facebook and Instagram.

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