Voices From Home

Living Studios

October 10 – November 22, 2023

Corrine Woodman Gallery

Performance: Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 1:30 PM

Exhibition Details

Voices from Home is a performative installation project examining and exploring dynamics in residential community housing. This exhibition comes 25 years after the original iteration, which took place in Louisville, KY in 1998. We now have the opportunity to examine changes of residential expectations, challenges that many face, as well as where one can find comfort, community, and contentment in this not so unique living situation. During the length of this installation we will be creating, performing, and exhibiting works which explore the themes and tensions and, most importantly, amplifying these voices from home.

Participating artists include: Linda Bach, Dennis Baisinger, Laura Bruyere, Sherri Corrick, Shawna Geer, Michelle Gerlach, Patrick Hackleman, Rodger Hancock, Ben Kelley, Kathy Mayne, Daniel McKay, Lin Musick, Nikos Papparaldo, Greg Persons, Beverly Powell, Pierre Pyke, Alex Russnogle, Ryan Tevlin, Anna Trammell, Bonnie Wald, Matt Conklin, Amy Turner, Mathew Brewster, Dennis Baisinger, Phillip Parsons, Barbara Vernon and Sally Winkler

Voices From Home is an Outpost 1000 project in collaboration with Living Studios and other community organizations.

Bird Sounds: Tuesday, November 14, 1:30 PM

Bird Sounds is a prefomance led by Professor DJ Michelle. Recordings and improvisations, bird-inspired visuals, and audience-participation combine to celebrate the birds all around us. Professor DJ Michelle will invite the audience to imitate bird calls, and share some facts and observations about them.

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