Figure Vessel 1 by John Holdway


January 4 – February 9, 2022

Art for Lunch January 13, 12 pm (PST)

ZOOM Recording


CAW (Corvallis Art Walk) January 20, 4-8 pm

Five artists show artwork about the human body and the human condition

Participating artists:

  • John Holdway
  • M. V. Moran
  • Alanna Risse
  • Rhonda Vanover
  • Brenda Whitehill-Schlenker

Artists work and talk together, exchange ideas and critique each other’s work. These kinds of conversations can lead to exploring the same concept. 

For the exhibit VESSEL, the artists selected the theme of seeing the human body as an object, a container that can hold physical entities, but also more fleeting phenomena. 

Using this approach the artists’ investigate the wonders of the human body, while contending with its fragility. Experiences of illness, injury and healing, birth and aging, pleasure and suffering are explored through a range of media, including charcoal on paper, photography, printmaking and sculpture. 

The artists, each in their own medium, explored the human condition directly or through metaphor, through interpretation as a complex system and structure.

female figure in black and white charcoal drawing
M. V. Moran
Bad Air: Sanctimonious
Preview of VESSEL Exhibition
Artist talk with the Artist of VESSEL