Tuesday Art Collective

Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center

Corrine Woodman Gallery II

Four amazingly bright abstract painting.

The four panels on view are artifacts of a collaborative experience co-created by artists of the Tuesday Art Collective at the Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center (CDDC). Artists are: Marion, Amanda, Sheena Bear and Sam, Kelvin, Daniel, Stefan, Makaela, Zach, Damian, Eddie, Dennis, Nicole, Hezz, Martin, Joshua, Emma, Ezler, Anne, Maddie, Allison, Aleita, and others. Some are current guests; some have passed from this lifetime during the hardships of COVID and the inhumanity of national political actions and local city sweeps. Some of are volunteers or staff at CDDC.

This dance now continues with you as a visual participant. What do you feel when we invite you into this dance with us? Which panel calls most to you? What shapes and stories emerge for you?

The Tuesday Art Collective is a dynamic group who gather at the CDDC every Tuesday Morning, rain, hail, shine, or winds. Started by Vicki I, Emma J’s facilitation comes with her experience as an Intentional Creative trained (iMUSEA) leader and facilitator in Resilience Toolkit® (Lumos Transformed), a method and framework that assists in settling the nervous system in trauma-informed and resilience-oriented ways.