DEADLINE August 1, 2020

What: Request for Proposals for the Corvallis Community Center Remodel (formerly Chintimini Senior Center). Artists are invited to create a dimensional wall installation to enhance a beloved and well-used space, owned and operated by Corvallis Parks and Recreation.

Where: in the Lounge adjacent to the Main Entrance and Lobby, in an extension/refurbishing of the newly remodeled Corvallis Community Center. supervised by the City of Corvallis Parks & Recreation Department.

Who:  Three artists will be selected by a community-based committee. Each will receive an $800 design fee to submit their project to the committee by September 30, 2020.

Project Budget: $25,000
Installation Target Date: January 2021

For More Information Contact: Hester Coucke,

Click below to see full project details and deadlines, and to download the application information:

Corvallis Community Center Request for Proposals

The Arts Center is coordinating the 1% Public Art Project and Selection Team on behalf of the City of Corvallis.




Call for Work: Enshrine (part of Art’s Alive! online festival hosted by The Arts Center)

Deadline: July 15, 2020

Description: To enshrine is to designate as sacred, loved, respected, and worthy of remembrance. Enshrine is a call for artwork that makes visible the personally sacred. This project is a chance to express reverence for what is meaningful to you through art and share it with your community.

The Work: Create a “shrine” that is a collection of several objects or images that together conveys reverence for a person or idea. Shrines usually contain multiple images because the subject ofthe shrine is complex and cannot be understood with one image alone. Submissions may take the form of a photograph of a physical shrine, a photograph or scan of a collage or painting, or a computer-generated image.

Venue: All submissions will be accessible for viewing through The Arts Center’s website. This is an open exhibition, there will be no jury process and all work will be exhibited (The Arts Center keeps that privilege of not posting work that is derogatory to any person or group, let’s keep this positive!)


  • Digital Image: As stated above, the work can be a photograph or scan of a 2D or 3D work, or a computer-generated image. Please make your image as clear as possible. Small 2D work can be scanned. Photographs of larger 2D work and 3D work must be well lit. Please crop out backgrounds that are not part of the art. The organizer retains the right to crop or alter the image for the best result. The higher the resolution and larger the size, the better.
  • Artwork Info: Please include:
    • Your name
    • Title of artwork
    • Media and/or technique used (for example: Acrylic on Canvas, or Rocks, Wood, and Fabric)
    • Optional: Write a short explanation for your shrine. Please keep this below 100 words.

Submitting the Work: Email your digital image along with artwork info to: by 11:59 pm on July 15, 2020.


June 2 – July 3, 2020


Where Does Redemption Come From?

During the month of June Shuo Cai is creating site-specific work answering this question in the Corrine Woodman Gallery. His Virtual Performance Art Installation will be presented through a series of live stream and time-lapse videos on a variety of sharing platforms.

The image Cai will be creating is inspired by the deity Avalokiteśvara, associated with compassion. The deity is known all over East Asia, in a total of 33 different manifestations including female manifestations, all to suit the minds of various beings. His/her name means “Lord who gazes down (at the world) and “who perceives the world’s lamentations”; he/she hears the cries of sentient beings (humans and animals) and works tirelessly to help those who call upon him/her. To represent the relationship between supplication* and giving, Cai will make a number of circles of his handprints.

In his words:

“These handprints will be centered on me, arranged in multiple concentric circles throughout the wall. This was inspired by a Buddhist icon, Avalokitesvara. I thought that the God who redeems the world must have had a most helpless moment.”

*a form of prayer, wherein one party humbly or earnestly asks another party to provide something, either for the party who is doing the supplicating (e.g., “Please spare my life.”) or on behalf of someone else.


An installation by artist Anne Mavor, that aims to make European-American history and identity visible, to inspire White viewers, in particular, to claim positive and negative aspects of their family histories as a step towards participating in ending racism. The exhibit supports broad community outreach and uses the power of art for both understanding racism and social action.

By appointment only.

Schedule Your Visit >>

Learn more about the exhibition >>

Virtual Performance Art Installation June 1 – July 4, 2020, in the Corrine Woodman Gallery.

Shuo Cai Art Installation

Where Does Redemption Come From?

During the month of June, Shuo Cai is creating site-specific work answering this question in the Corrine Woodman Gallery. His Virtual Performance Art Installation will be presented through a series of live stream and time-lapse videos on a variety of sharing platforms.

Learn more about the exhibit here >>


8×8 Art Gallery @ Art for the Heart

Create for a good cause! Donate 8×8 artworks to support The Arts Center.

The Second Annual 8×8 Gallery is an invitation to all established, emerging, and youth artists from across the service region — All artists are encouraged to create and submit work.

Works of all media will be shown in the 8×8 Art Show in the Corrine Woodman Gallery, and be a part of our fall gala fundraiser Art for the Heart (October 10, 2020). Your donated artworks will be sold for at least $40, and all proceeds will support creative community arts programs.

Our goal is 150 artworks! To Participate, Sign up Below:

If possible, there will be an “8×8 Reception and Meet the Artist”  dates TBA, when people will have the chance to purchase works at a premium price of $75 prior to the main gala.

About the Show:

  • The size of the art must be as close to, but no bigger than 8 inches in all directions. Finished pieces must be no larger than 8”x 8” including the frame or 8”x 8”x 8” including supports and displays.
  • Art needs to be original work.
  • All art work must be display ready. Hanging pieces must include a wire or hanging mechanism securely installed by artist before delivery. Sculptures must have supports or stands included. Supports and stands will only be returned to artist if work is not purchased.
  • Art does not need to comply with any specific theme and any medium is accepted as long as it fits the 8”x 8” format. Though smaller than 8” will be accepted, it is encouraged that art be as close to the 8” x 8” format as possible.
  • Diptychs and triptychs are welcomed. (Limit 4 pieces donated per artist.)
  • A limited number of 8×8 cradle boards are available for sale at The Arts Center for $5. Pre-purchase for pickup,then schedule pick up with ArtShop Manager Dawn Figueroa,
  • Deliver finished artworks (ready to hang) to The Arts Center by September 8, 2020, 5 pm, to be included in the show and fundraiser. Please fill-out and attach this form to the back of your artwork.
  • Artists websites will be shared as part of the Art for the Heart fundraiser. Art that does not sell can be donated or will be available for pick-up at The Arts Center’s Art Shop on Tuesday, October 13- Saturday, October 17. Art that is not collected during this time frame will be donated to The Arts Center and sold through the Art Shop as a 100% donation to The Arts Center.

FMI:  Kimberly Long:

8x8 Sign Up

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out form; Mark your calendar to deliver your 8x8 by September 8, 2020. When you are finished, click the SUBMIT button only once. You will receive a confirmation screen that your submission was received. If you do not see that message, contact Kimberly Long at
  • standard http://



The Importance of High Quality Photos:
Understanding Pixels, Resolution and File Types
with David Paul Bayles


In this not-too-technical class, artists will learn how to easily and confidently manage the images of their artworks for submissions, giclee printing and press requests. Learn to understand the juried submission guidelines and how to submit exactly what they request.

Topics Covered:
What a pixel is and why they are so important
How to properly re-size your images for juried submissions
A simple folder and file management system for artists so you can easily locate the image you want and always maintain an original, pristine image of your artwork
When, where and why to use Jpegs, Pngs, or Tiffs
The difference between DPI and PPI
Why the “Save As’ command is your best friend
The importance of high quality photography of your artwork as one of the foundations of your art career

About David:
David Paul Bayles has been a professional photographer since graduating with honors from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1980. Twenty-three years after graduating, his alma mater asked him to give the commencement address and awarded him an honorary master’s degree. His commissioned images have been published in numerous national and regional magazines, websites and corporate reports. His fine art photography is held in museum and private collections. He is currently working on his second book of photographs that will accompany his traveling exhibition titled Sap In Their Veins.

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Beginning July 16, we will be open to the public Thurs-Sat, 12-5 pm. Masks and physical distancing required.  

Like many other organizations, we have created protocols to keep everyone safe when you visit the Galleries and ArtShop.

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Covid19 Resources:

What: Call to Artists – The Nature of Isolation from Spring Creek Project at Oregon State University

Who: Writers and artists are invited to submit work about the theme of isolation in five categories: Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, Photography, Visual Art

When: Submissions due Monday, May 18

Apply Here


We are collectively experiencing isolation at a scale that was unimaginable weeks ago. Billions of people have been asked to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the rapidly spreading coronavirus. As we shelter in place, not only are we are cut off from the people we love, we are also cut off from the natural places we love. Beaches, forests, and parks are closed. Warning signs are posted at trailheads, and caution tape is wrapped around playgrounds.

Yet we need to connect with nature now more than ever as a respite from the headlines, as a place to breathe deeply and process grief, and as inspiration as we imagine post-pandemic society, among many other things.

Spring Creek Project is launching a call for submissions, The Nature of Isolation, that invites writers and artists to explore their home ecosystems and reflect on the nature of isolation during the pandemic: What are you learning from the shelter of your place? What do house plants know about quarantine? What does your garden offer about mortality? What are you learning about renewal from the wilderness of sunlight and rain out your window? How is this microscopic virus changing the biome of your body and mind?

Submission Guidelines 

We welcome writers and artists of all experience levels to submit work to The Nature of Isolation in five categories by Monday, May 18.

  • Poetry (up to 3 poems)
  • Creative nonfiction (1 piece, 1,000 word limit)
  • Fiction (1 piece, 1,000 word limit)
  • Photography (up to 3 photos)
  • Visual art (up to 3 pieces)

You are welcome to submit a piece in more than one category (e.g., you may submit a non-fiction piece and photography). If you submit in more than one category, please use separate forms for each submission.

Please include a short (2-4 sentence) third-person bio with your submission.

A panel of judges will select submissions for inclusion in an online reading and exhibit.