Singular Mythologies: Tamae Frame & Erika Rier


January 7 – February 13, 2021

Singular Mythologies, is the artwork of sculptor Tamae Frame and multimedia artist Erika Rier,  about women, and their lives.

Both artists have created a very personal language and personal mythology around what it means to be a woman. Both are also self-taught, and found the medium to best express their goals. 

Is it a coincidence that both have a level of surrealism? 

Frame has her female figures coming out of clouds, having feathers for eyes, and are colored blue. Rier calls her style “folk surrealism”.

Japanese born Tamae Frame creates her sculptures in ceramic. She chose the medium for the countless possibilities in surface treatment and fluidity in shapes. This ability intrigues her imagination, and makes it possible for her to show the subject’s character along with its mood and feeling. 

Multimedia artist Erika Rier shows primarily paintings, but works as well in mixed media, designing clothing, ceramics and interdisciplinary art forms. Her first love was writing. Rier specifically portrays the inner life of women (spelled womxn by her) and the expectations of women’s roles in art.

It is important to me that when a female-identifying person looks at my work they see their own struggles and realities and dreams reflected back at them and that they see the beauty we each possess is our ability as womxn to persist no matter the obstacles.
– Erika Rier