What is it?

A great opportunity to own original art, or update the art you live with and enjoy (home, office, dorm…) and support a great organization! 

The Arts Center’s Pre-Owned Art Sale makes fine art available and affordable.

Dates of the 2018 Pre-Owned Art Sale will be posted soon! 

Donate Art –

Donate original* art you have in storage, on that bottom shelf in the back of the closet, or that you have just outgrown… It’s tax deductible!

*please: no giclee prints or printed canvases (posters from museums or galleries may be accepted i.e “Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit”  

Gently used art supplies will be accepted and be part of the sale.

Buy Art –

Your chance to own original artwork, at prices for every budget. Be the second (or third) owner of original artwork – a bargain hunter’s delight!

Pat yourself on the back. You have:

  • cleaned out your closet/garage/studio
  • acquired something beautiful/unique
  • had a great time exploring many interesting new art pieces
  • and you’ve helped support greater community creativity and Your Arts Center

For more information about donating artwork or volunteering to help, please contact

Jen Bouton, jenb@theartscenter.net