A great opportunity to own original art, or update the art you live with and enjoy (home, office, dorm…) and support a great organization! 

The Arts Center’s Pre-Owned Art Sale makes fine art available and affordable.

DONATE  ART!   Friday, August 10, 12-6pm

Donate original* art you have in storage, on that bottom shelf in the back of the closet, or that you have just outgrown… It’s tax deductible!

*please: no giclee prints or printed canvases (posters from museums or galleries may be accepted i.e “Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit”  

Gently used art supplies will be accepted and be part of the sale.

BUY ART! Saturday, August 11, 10am – 3pm

Your chance to own original artwork, at prices for every budget. Be the second (or third) owner of original artwork – a bargain hunter’s delight!


  • cleaned out your closet/garage/studio
  • acquired something beautiful/unique
  • had a great time exploring many interesting new art pieces
  • and you’ve helped support greater community creativity and Your Arts Center

For more information about donating artwork, please contact Joni or Hester: joni@theartscenter.net  or hester@theartscenter.net 

For more information about volunteering to help, please contact Jen Bouton:  jenb@theartscenter.net


FAQs | Answers

  • Is my donation tax deductible? Yes! When you bring in your donated art, we have a donation form you can fill out. The form includes our tax id# for your records.
  • What forms of payment will be taken at the sale? Cash, Check or Credit Cards (cannot accept Amex or Diners).
  • Should I bring my own bag/s or box/es? YES! This sale will be operated on the same lines as a yard sale – BYOBag. If it looks like rain, make it plastic! 
  • Do I pick up my art if it doesn’t sell? No. When you donate your artwork on Friday, it becomes the property of The Arts Center. Some of the pieces may be used for other fundraising purposes at The Arts Center. 
  • Why do you ask for the original price, artist, etc. when I donate a piece?  Because buyers LOVE that information! We really appreciate any info you can give about the artist, the medium, where it was purchased,and what the original price was – not just because we are nosy, but it goes with pride of ownership for that buyer. 
  • Do I set the sale price of the artwork? No. 
  • Who sets the prices? A group of artists will set the sale prices of donated artwork. Pricing criteria depends in part on: 1-what is the current appeal for this particular piece (high-low for the medium used, high/low for subject/style), 2- what is level of skill and/or workmanship of the piece (high/low), 3- what price will make people buy this work without hesitation? 
  • Why are the prices so low?  The purposes of this sale are 1- to make it fun (and who doesn’t like a bargain?), and 2- to create an opportunity for art-lovers who can’t afford first-owner prices to own original art
  • Will everything donated on Friday be available at the POASale? Yes. There will not be any ‘culling’ before-hand. Doors open at 10am, and anyone wishing to buy a donated piece at the sale should get in line before then. 
  • Can I put something on hold during the Sale? No. Things will be moving fast, and that’s part of the process & and the fun & why things are marked at such low prices – to sell as many thing things as possible by 3pm. 


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