Views of six white mugs or cups, that are stitched together with assorted threads, pins, clasps to indicate a connection. Artist Joey Azul.
The Great 2021 Reconnect by Joey Azul

On to New Horizons

November 18 – December 23, 2021

Reception November 18, 4-8 pm, and CAW (Corvallis Art Walk)

Art for Lunch December 2, 12 pm (in person)

An Invitation and Open Call Winter Arts Exhibit

How time and circumstances can change because of Covid-19!

Earlier this year, The Arts Center’s Exhibition Committee thought of the On To New Horizons exhibit as an expression of being liberated from Covid-19 restrictions. Then, during the “creative making period” for the artists preparing for the exhibit, safety precautions needed to be scaled back up to limit potential exposures and get us back to declines in outbreaks again.

Many of the themed-works created were Covid-19 inspired. However, artists also found new horizons unrelated to the pandemic itself. Some found opportunities to look inward and discovered new directions within themselves. Others looked outward and found new paths to follow and new art media to explore. It is exciting to see how many people picked up a new tool or medium, found a new creative path or started making art for the first time. We have witnessed how art making can transform doubts, pain and insecurities into joy and contentment.

On To New Horizons showcases 53 artists represented with 71 works in every imaginable medium.

The exhibit is partly invitational and partly a non-juried open call, giving an interesting mix of approach and outcomes of artwork. While the exhibit is comprised of mostly visual art, we are pleased to share a number of literary, read-aloud works and music. 

Image of seven figures with colorful robed clothing standing looking toward an arch of color that could be a rainbow or sunset. Artist Jeff Gunn
Jeff Gunn, Touching the Future
Preview Video
Art for Lunch Artist Talk, December 2, 2021

Participating Artists

  • Bonnie Albright
  • Joey Azul
  • Dominique Bachelet
  • Greg Bal
  • Sumner Barr
  • Rich Bergeman
  • Pat Berman
  • Patricia Browning
  • Kathy Cabot
  • Shuo Cai
  • Michele Campione
  • Sabra Comins
  • Brenda Congdon
  • Margot Diederick
  • Brian Egan
  • Gale Everett-Stahlke
  • Dawn Figueroa
  • Cora Freyer
  • Kathryn Friday
  • Arianna Gazca
  • Suzanne Getz
  • Ginny Gibson
  • Leland Gilsen
  • Katy Gollahon
  • Anthony Gordon 
  • Leslie Green
  • Jeff Gunn
  • Rolly Gutierrez
  • Phyllis Helland
  • Jen Hernandez 
  • Sheens Hopkins
  • Carole James
  • Julie Kahn
  • Cindy Killip
  • Sharon Rackham King
  • Colleen Kitchen 
  • Lee Kitzman
  • Zi Li
  • Joan Linse
  • Justin Lodge
  • Anne Mavor
  • Mary McDermott
  • Karen Miller
  • Kristen Morley
  • Sara Morrissey
  • Scott Moss
  • Shagufta Mulla
  • Hanne Niederhausen
  • Kristie Potwara
  • Ridwana Rahman
  • Diana Ryan 
  • Curt Shaw
  • Anna Silvestri
  • Leslie Tejada