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DRAFT Dr. King Park Site Plan

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park Capital Improvement Project

Art Selection Committee

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Public art cultivates a sense of place and cultural identity while it enhances the overall quality of life. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Art Selection Committee is a group of volunteers who will work together to select artwork in order to build a sense of community and connection, while enhancing the ideals of the “Beloved Community” envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; empowering activism and inviting reflection, debate, as well as collective celebration – the very functions of a healthy, robust community. 

The Committee will consist of 7-9 members with diverse perspectives and interests, and representative of community diversity. The committee will use criteria based on goals of the community-based Interpretive Design Plan and input from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Project Ambassadors. The Arts Center (TAC) is a non-voting participant of the selection committee, serving as a resource and guiding the group through an equitable art selection process.

Committee Responsibilities

Art Selection Committee Timeline Flow Chart

Committee Group Meetings: From beginning to end, the art selection process will take about one (1) year to complete. There will be a total of 8 -10 two hour meetings (one held every 4-6 weeks), plus 2 longer review sessions. These meetings will take place on Zoom and/or in person as time and COVID restrictions allow, and will total approximately 20-25 hours. 

Independent Submission Reviews: The Arts Center estimates receiving over 100 online applications in response to the initial call for qualifications. 

All submissions will be reviewed by committee members on a computer screen. Committee members will need access to the internet in order to access and review proposals that will include resumes, letters of intent, digital media portfolios, images, videos, and website links.

Deadlines: Artwork selection is one piece of the Park Remodel Master Plan. The Art Selection Committee will work diligently to meet all deadlines communicated by the project manager and architect.

Important Information

  • Members of the art selection committee are not eligible to submit artwork proposals for this project. 
  • ADA accessibility accommodations are available. Meetings will be held in accessible spaces. Upon request a Chromebook laptop with reading software is available for use by committee members.
  • If you are interested in the Art Selection Committee, or have any questions about the art selection process, email Project Coordinator and The Arts Center’s Curator and Public Programs Manager, Jennie Castle,
  • Nominations Deadline (yourself or someone else): Sunday, July 31, 2022. All Applicants Notified of Selection Decision by Tuesday, August 9, 2022. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Master Plan Mission

To create a park that provides a place for all cultures to enjoy. A park that serves to bring people together, foster an appreciation for nature and each other, as well as provide opportunities for recreation.  A park that honors the heritage and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by recognizing the importance of respect for all individuals and the environment.

The Arts Center’s Mission

To inspire creativity and contribute to community well-being through equitable access to and engagement with the visual arts. We collaborate to offer exhibitions, learning opportunities, artist development, and cultural events centered on art, artists and art enthusiasts, in the greater Corvallis area.

City of Corvallis Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Project Webpage

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Interpretive Design Plan

Art Selection Committee Nominations

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Capital Improvement Project is seeking individuals to serve on the Art Selection Committee.

The group will be composed of local community members living within the Corvallis Urban Growth Boundary, all of whom are interested in the exploring benefits of public art.

If you would like to volunteer for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Art Selection Committee, please fill out the form below.

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