Milla Oliveira:  Na Bagunça, A Collection of Choices

Exhibit in the CWG I: January 31 – February 25, 2017

    • Conversations from the Corrine: Thursday, February 2, 12 noon. Bring your lunch and your questions!

Na Bagunça refers to being fully immersed in disorder, an abundant quality in Milla Oliveira’s native Brazil.

Work by Milla Oliveira, graduating art student at Oregon State University will be on display in the Corinne Woodman Gallery I at The Arts Center from January 31 – February 25, 2017. The body of work is titled Na Bagunça*, A Collection of Choices.

Oliveira, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, will be graduating from the School of Art and Communication at Oregon State University in June. Her artistic sensibilities are fostered by a lifelong engagement with dancing, languages and diverse cultural systems.

The body of work on show in the Corrine Woodman Gallery I is titled Na Bagunça, A Collection of Choices referring to being fully immersed in disorder. According to Oliveira it is an abundant quality in her native Brazil, where so many contrasting ideologies, influences and traditions coexist without a formal hierarchy. These works are driven by thoughts of diversity and mutability. They are built upon meaningful interaction with different ways of experiencing, seeing and constructing images. They reflect art’s capacity to generate conjunctive relations, acknowledging singular qualities of things and manipulating them into new configurations.

The work consists of strong colored abstract free form compositions in acrylic on paper. Shapes are placed on a large white field while brush strokes are independent of the shape. It creates the disorder, relations and new configurations Oliveira is talking about.

*Portuguese for “mess” or “muddle”, Na Bagunça could be translated as “in a state of mess or muddle”

Milla Oliveira_NaBagunca2