Microbiomes: To See the Unseen

Amanda Salov | Mirrored Lattice
Andries Fourie | The Great Oxidation Event
Bets Cole | Evolution of a Superbug: 11 days 1000x Antibiotic Solution
Chi Meredith | Dispersion
Debby Sundbaum-Sommers | Growth Two
Diane English | Cell Walls I
Eileen Nolan Kressel | My Microbiome and Other Friends
Jeri Barthlomew | Myxozoa (on right) Vibrio (on left)
Johanna Rotko | Wild Growth
Kate McGee | Dog Kisses
Katherine Schwarting | Corpus Interius
Kristin LeVier | Undulata Bas
Lanny Bergner | Zika
Leslie Tejada | Cosm #48 Plasmic Holiday
Meaghan Gates | Release
Michael Boonstra | Lake Abert: (Field Studies/Gradations) 1
Philip Benn | Life Extreme
Pete Goldlust | Colonial #1
Mike E. Walsh | Flesh #1
Rural Alchemy Workshop | Karin Bolender and Emily Stone | Ghost Tree Bacillus Map
Susan Circone | Invasive Species #3-Watery Imaginings
Wendy Yoder Holub | Round and Round
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