What: Gregory Fissé

When: December 31 – February 6, 2021 | Corrine Woodman Gallery

Gregory Fissé exhibits bold paintings of mountains and waves, with remarkable similarities and differences.

The movement of waves and mountain landscapes is very different. The movement of mountains and valleys is generally slow, and not visible to the human eye (unless a landslide). However, the swifter movement of waves is very visible. We think of the land as old and solid, and water as always flowing. Fissé features the rhythm and movement of both in his images of hills and valleys and waves in very similar shapes. Each has crests, peaks and valleys. Both have an uninterrupted rhythm: up and down, up and down.

Gregory Fissé explores these two natural phenomena in a bold style, with dark contour lines highlighting the different elements. Shapes are abstracted and simplified to core elements. It is as if the only difference between mountains and waves are a difference in color.

Fissé works in acrylic and oil, and a variety of different scales.

Gallery hours: Thursday – Saturday, noon – 5 PM. Be sure to check The Arts Center’s website for Covid related updates.

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