October 16 – 27, 2018

  • Reception October 18 5:30-7:30 pm, Corvallis Arts Walk, 4-8 pm

The Arts Center exhibits photographs collected by Christopher Rauschenberg, a photographer himself. The title “Eclipsing” stands for more than the solor eclipse we experienced last year. It is also a time-honored photography technique. Rauschenberg explains:

“In 1979 there was a total solar eclipse in the Portland area. Too late, I realized that I had missed a great chance to “educate the public about photography” by having an Eclipse Show (at Blue Sky Gallery) that had no photographs of the sun and moon. The total eclipse of the summer of 2017 gave me a second chance and I took it. 

If you picture a photographer at work, you are likely to picture them moving side to side while looking through the camera — trying out various compositions with various combinations of foreground objects eclipsing the background ones. “Eclipsing” is a primary aspect of photography but it’s not part of people’s understanding of the medium. If you don’t notice something unless it makes the sun go dark in the daytime, maybe you’re really not paying attention as much as you might. 

If this exhibition and/or the accompanying catalog tempt you into occasionally closing one eye and playing with lining things up and eclipsing, then I’m happy. The world is, among other things, a visual playground and play is always important work.”