Tara Pierce teaches Drawing, Painting Fundamentals and Environmental arts.

About Drawing, Painting Fundamentals  “Exercises and techniques set up new ways of thinking about drawing and painting. The exploration of materials, study of light, positive and negative space, line quality, portraiture, still-life, composition, and more, with examples from the great master artists to inspire you inform my teaching in these areas.”

About Environmental Arts  “Create artwork that shares your passion for our earth. Explore the history of environmental art for inspiration. Examine various materials and processes and venues of famous environmental works.” In these classes students can select their own cause, and learn to create art with a message to better our planet.


Tara Angelina Pierce grew up in Northern California where the redwoods meet the rugged coastline. Nature has always been a huge part of her life and an influence on her artwork. Shortly after graduating with a BFA in Painting from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Tara created TAP: fine art for a cause. This marked the dedication of her artistic career toward creating positive change among individuals and society. Her artwork focuses on the issues our oceans face; whimsical, inviting images meant to ignite the conversation about ocean conservation in a positive light. 

Pierce enjoys hosting an “Art & Science ChitChat” along with her exhibitions, providing the opportunity for all to learn strange, exciting facts about the salt water subject matter filling her canvases in a way that spreads hope for the future by sharing the good environmental news and practical, fun ways anyone can get involved. A discussion with Q & A follows so that everyone can be part of the conversation.  

Pierce joined The Arts Center in November 2016, and wears many hats. On any given day her efforts can go from volunteer placement to marketing to education, and back. 

Her favorite artist quote was spoken by Pablo Picasso when he said,

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

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