December 17, 2019 – January 25, 2020

  • Deb Curtis: New Work
  • Corrine Woodman Gallery in The Arts Center
  • Conversation from the Corrine: Wed, Dec 18, 12-1 pm
  • Closed: Dec 24 at 2 PM, Dec 25, Jan 1 & 20, 2020

The Corrine Woodman Gallery shows new work of Deb Curtis. She will talk about her practice in tradition and experimentation on Wednesday, December 18, 12 noon.

Deb Curtis has been a fiber artist since the age of 10 when she learned to knit. In 1982 she lived in Virginia and she wanted to master a craft native to that region. She learned to make an Appalachian Egg Basket and has been making baskets ever since. For Curtis, baskets are a tradition that is changing. She designs and produces contemporary baskets using traditional basketry materials. By linking basket materials with knitting, tapestry weaving, or surface design Curtis creates “new” baskets. Through the blending of colors and textures, she changes the character of the basket from a functional vessel to an expressive container concept.

Deb Curtis

Some of Deb Curtis’ recent works combine stitching with basketry materials or natural fibers. These wall pieces express concepts she has not been able to express through her basketry. In her own words: “My work relies on sustainably gathered natural materials. The local NW materials and other materials are hand-gathered using traditional methods of their local region. As I work with the materials for a particular piece I visualize the environment they came from. My vision of these environments has changed as our world has experienced development, warming temperatures and changing weather patterns.”