Job Posting: Project Consultant, Public Art Selection Process Contract

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The Arts Center, a 501(c)(3) NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION

Request for Applications (RFA) – Project Consultant, *Public Art-Artists Selection Process

Contract Period: July 2022 – June 2024 | Contract Amount: $7,500

Deadline for Applications Extended: July 1, 2022

*Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park, Capital Improvement:  Integrated Interpretive Design Plan Art Selection Project


The Arts Center inspires creativity and contributes to community well-being through equitable access to and engagement with the visual arts in the Greater Corvallis area. We collaborate to offer exhibitions, learning opportunities, artist development, and cultural events centered on art, artists and art enthusiasts.

Commitment to Justice, Equity, and Transparency

In the 1960s, the innovative, grassroots effort of artists, civic leaders, and multiple Oregon State University departments were quite radical: they set out to establish the Corvallis Arts Council as the first community-based arts organization in the State of Oregon, and 27th in the United States. In 2008, we changed our name to The Arts Center with the goal of becoming inclusive of all people and groups seeking connection with the arts. We believe that art is a welcoming portal for cross-cultural participation that connects people and creates community. 

In 2020, The Arts Center began an organization-wide process of learning and change to examine and address discriminatory policies, dominant cultural practices, and decision-making systems, with the goal of becoming a just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive arts organization. We are actively working to embed justice, equity, and transparency into every level of our organization. We invite individuals who share our commitment to this goal to join our team and to help shape a more just and equitable future for our organization as well as for the communities we serve.  

Since our founding The Arts Center has administered a number of Public Art Projects and Installations on behalf of and in partnership with artists, civic organizations and the City of Corvallis. A Percent for Art Capital Improvement Ordinance was formally adopted and approved (2015-19). Under this new ordinance, The Arts Center administered the CIty’s first Percent for Art Public Art Selection project that yielded a completed art Installation in October 2021. Based on the long-standing partnership with the City of Corvallis in service to community arts, artists, and arts enthusiasts, as well as our public commitment to socially just, equitable, and transparent organizational practices, Corvallis Parks & Recreation contracted with The Arts Center to administer and facilitate the art selection process for a major park renovation.

Contracted Project Overview

The Arts Center is seeking a qualified individual with experience in Percent for Art Project Management and Coordination of mid-to-large sized arts integrated outdoor infrastructure installations to serve as a Contracted Consultant, Advisor, and Mentor to The Arts Center on all aspects of an Arts Selection Process through a contracted period. 

The Arts Center is the Project Administrator contracted to fulfill an Art Selection Process with the City of Corvallis for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Enhancement Capital Improvement Project, Percent for Art (~$500,000) Interpretive Design Plan, “to create a park that provides a place for all cultures to enjoy, and honors the heritage and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Contract Conditions/Terms

Contractor will employ a community-engaged equity lens to consult, advise, and mentor on all aspects of Art Selection Project (ASP) administration and facilitation to build The Arts Center capacity for Public Art Programs management. 

Contractor and The Arts Center will enter into a Service Contract for ongoing consulting, advising, and mentoring services for a two-year contract period beginning July 2022 and ending June 2024. Contracted services will require both scheduled on-site and remote work.

Contractor services are estimated to vary between 4 and 20 hours per month and compensated at $50 per billable hour, with total invoices for contractor services not to exceed $7500. 

The Arts Center anticipates that billable services will be heavily front-loaded into the first six-months (July-December 2022) of the two-year contract period (July 2022 – June 2024). 

Total contractor compensation not to exceed $7500 over contract period.

Required Qualifications 

  • Demonstrated integration of justice, equity and transparency (JET) principles in professional practice of public arts operations; evidence of JET-integrated, community-engagement model in project management (planning, decision-making, implementation, evaluation, reporting), particularly as related to ensuring equitable access and inclusion of diverse shareholders in public art-artist selection process. 
  • Evidence of professional experience successfully managing various percent for art public arts projects ranging in scope, scale, and complexity with particular evidence for outdoor and environmentally integrated installations. 
  • Demonstrated personal capacity and competence applied to all aspects of public art project management as described above, including direct experience with: facilitating art selection processes, overseeing/handling artwork material specification, fabrication, and installation, empowering shareholder relationships, and navigating contracts, budgets, architectural designers, construction schedules, and other public art infrastructure project activities.

Contractor Scope of Work: Efforts-Activities and Products

Description: Serve as a qualified consultant to advise and mentor The Arts Center to administer and facilitate the ASP Project, a community-engaged selection and commissioning process, as a non-voting participant with Corvallis City Council, MLK Park Ambassadors, Advisory Boards or Art Selection Committees, and other ASP Project “shareholders” in order to seek approval, provide status updates, and/or solicit support. 

Specific Contractor efforts-activities (tasks) include, but are not limited to these effort categories, activities, and products:  

Consult – Seek Approval, Provide Status Updates, and/or Solicit Support 

  1. Review and support production of written and oral communications and status reports with ASP Project “shareholders,” including design/construction team, artists, and The Arts Center project staff related to the project, existing landmarks and other significant elements of the project, potential art locations, artist solicitation and selection process, design process for commissioned works, art installation plans, art budget, and any challenges, questions or issues that arise.
  2. Attend and support ASP Project “shareholders” and coordinators scheduled meetings in person, (onsite-Corvallis) or remotely as planned. 

Advise – Engage Community, Arts Selection Committee, Other Stakeholders

  1. Review and advise on appropriateness of ASP Project work scope, timelines, strategies for achieving consensus of Art Selection Committee members.
  2. Suggest and provide examples of effective strategies for broadening community reach and supporting engagement in ASP Project activities. 

Mentor – Selection Arts/Artist – Committee, Processes, Oversight

  1. Model best-practice facilitation strategies when convening and communicating with the Art Selection Committee as needed to support JET and efficiency with regard to public art investment funds, including but not limited to selecting committee members, reaching consensus on art-artists selected/awarded, marketing-communicating decision and process, and ensuring art installation and other timelines are reasonable and achievable.
  2. Mentor the development of RFQ/RFP outreach and invitation to appropriate art professionals, and other solicitation documents processing:  fielding incoming questions by email, phone and in-person regarding the RFQs/RFPs; review and organization of all artist images; soliciting information about artists’ past work; coordination of the interview/review process and review of proposals; and facilitation toward the selection of an artist or artists.
  3. Mentor practical aspects of creating and negotiating a contract process for the selected artist(s). (The City of Corvallis will be legally responsible for contract(s).)
  4. Model best practice communications with and support of contracted artists: scheduling research, informational meetings and site visits; deliverable and contractual mid-point reviews; review and provide feedback on art projects in progress, consideration of sustainability and maintenance needs of artwork materials; and scheduled installation of artwork.
  5. Model and mentor effective communications with ASP Project “shareholders” to request construction and design drawings, measurements, engineering information, material samples or photographs; review and understand these materials; provide and explain to the artist(s).  

Evaluation-Participatory Progress, Outcome, and Impact Reports

  1. Assist The Arts Center’s administrative staff (Executive Director, ASP Project Manager, Evaluator) documentation of project progress, development of all relevant documentation and progress indicators, and ability to recognize and mitigate potential problems/ project contingencies before they arise. 
  2. Assess Contractor planned effort-activities, advise on working within the ASP Project’s contract budget, and provide midterm written report of progress 
  3. Maintain records, back up all key project materials throughout the contract period, and deliver final written report and records to The Arts Center at close of project.

Application Materials and Process

For full consideration, please submit the following materials, all elements organized into a single PDF document NO LATER THAN July 1, 2022 as an email attachment to: Cynthia Spencer, Executive Director, 

A complete application must contain all five of the following elements:

  1. Cover letter expressing interest and outlining experience demonstrating ability to meet qualifications required of this contract:  integration of justice, equity and transparency (JET) principles in professional practice; professional experience successfully managing a various percent for art public arts projects; and personal capacity and competence applied to all aspects of public art project management. 
  2. Current resumé.
  3. List of 3-5 Public Art Project management-level professional experiences within the past decade detailing nature of project, responsibilities, budgets, completion on scheduled timelines, and any key project outcomes you would like to share.
  4. List of 2-3 Public Art Project references, role, name, and contact information.         
  5. Proposed schedule of availability during contract period (July 2022-June 2024): 
  • Specify minimum and maximum days per week and hours per month you are able to dedicate to this contract work. Identify all other time commitments that would restrict your availability for onsite and/or remote consulting, advising, and mentoring. 
  • Specify your schedule of availability and unavailability during contract period for efforts-activities conducted onsite in Corvallis, Oregon, of which the number, duration, and timing of meetings are yet to be determined. 

Contract Miscellaneous

A services contract will be entered into between The Arts Center, a 501(c)(3) NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION, and the Contractor, an independent professional. Compensation is set at $50 per billable hour. Approved travel and expenses, exclusive of commuting home to-from Corvallis (site), will be reimbursed at IRS reimbursement rates. General liability and automobile insurance, as stipulated in the contract, are required at the Contractor’s expense. The Contractor will not be required to handle, transport or install artwork.

If you require any accommodations to complete this application, please contact or 541-754-1551, ext 654.


Equal Opportunity Statement

Our goal is to create a diverse organization that is representative, at all levels, of the communities we serve. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, veteran status, HIV status, marital status, family medical history or genetic information, status as an individual with a disability, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law. We strongly encourage people from historically excluded communities to apply.