Complex Minimalism

Featured Artist Levant Karayalim

Corrine Woodman Gallery

June 24 – July 31, 2021

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Complicated Minimalism seems a Contradiction

How complicated can minimalism be?

Inspired by the Minimalists of the 1960s and 1970s, Levant Karalayim uses the bare minimum means to express his paintings. The often square paintings have just one color,  uniform in format and uniform in approach to the surface of the painting.

It is the surface that draws the viewer in. By placing very narrow strips of paper in straight lines next to each other, individually textured, the surface becomes very lively.

There is a play of light and depth that lifts the paintings from “just color”.  Working in mostly acrylics,  Karalayim also effectively uses the reflective effects of paints with a variety of finishes.

The painting “Yves Klein Blue”, is inspired by the blue works of Yves Klein (YKB, May 1960).   Its textured surface in flat paint is an entirely different experience had it been painted with some reflective media.

For some works, he created subtle color variances within the chosen color. Differences in hues add to the liveliness of the painting, while still retaining its minimal nature.

The paintings where the textured surface is even more important are works with silver and gold-colored foil over the entire surface. The entire painting sparkles and quivers in the light. The mesmerizing effect is one of complex minimalism.