The Strawberry Plaza Art Board

The Strawberry Plaza Art Board:

Large-sized art panels

Application Deadline: June 9, 2023

Call for Art

The Strawberry Plaza Art Board Program provides a systematic process for the creation, selection
and display of art on six (6) large-sized art panels (4’ x 8’) affixed to the north and south walls of Lebanon’s Strawberry Plaza, the City’s downtown art-themed pocket park.

During the 12-month of public display each piece of art the public will be given the opportunity to participate in a silent auction for the eventual purchase of the piece (once it is retired from Strawberry Plaza). Proceeds from the sale will be split, with 50% of shares distributed to the Lebanon Arts Commission Art Fund and the artist.

How to Submit

This program is managed through the Lebanon Downtown Arts Commission. The winner will be announced on July 1, 2023.

Selection of artwork will occur using the Official Entry Form (PDF). Interested artists, please print this form on 11 x 17 paper and submit it to email

All proposals will be created in miniature (in scale with the large boards) on the form. Multiple entries from the same artist are welcome. The Commission will act as a jury in selecting works for display. Once accepted, the artist will have 90 days to complete the artboard.

*Email questions to: 

Design Ideas (but not limited to)

Historical interactive relevant: turkey, strawberries, logging, trains, Oregon landscape, etc.

Abstract or realistic – be creative. 

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