cover image: Christopher Campione “The Sea”

The Arts Center invites artists to submit works that relate to the idea of light. This is open to the artist’s interpretation, and all mediums are welcome. See below for details, important dates, and restrictions.


  • Sept 28: Deadline to submit work
  • Nov12 – Dec 21: Exhibit dates “About Light”
  • Nov 14: Thursday Reception
  • Nov 21 & Dec 19:  Corvallis Arts Walk
  • Nov 27: WEDNESDAY Lunchbox Art Talk
  • Dec 23 Monday: Pick up unsold & purchased work




Joan Lise, Eclipse (detail)


All little bit about the show, About Light

Consider light. It is crucial to life on Earth. In the Pacific Northwest, sunlight’s absence, as well as its importance, become starkly clear in the fall and winter months. The winter solstice marks the beginning of sunlight’s gradual seasonal return. Light also occupies metaphorical territory: many spiritual traditions use light as a symbol.

Light is the opposite of heavy. Light colors, light moods. The light of my life. lists myriad definitions of the word light. We invite you to interpret light in two- or three-dimensional works of art. Works can be figurative or literal representations of any aspect of light. The challenge for this exhibit is to represent light.

** Artwork CANNOT include any physical or artificial working light source, such as bulbs, torches or any other powered light source. Because the gallery will be lit with the usual combination of track lights and natural light, it will drown out light sources incorporated in the artwork. An intended light source is suitable, such as lanterns, candlesticks, etc. All other materials are welcome.

This exhibit is part invitational and part open call. To supplement the works of several invited artists, we ask local art makers to participate. We have room for as many as 70 works of art. The deadline to commit is October 1, 2019. Online applications for open entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register in the form below. We will accept commitments to participate until we have all spots filled. We will notify everyone who registers and will create a backup list of as many as 15 pieces.



MV Moran, “Light and Dark”

This exhibit is The Arts Center’s holiday show and also a fundraiser. We hope to bring lightness to the dark days of December AND to be able to offer art for sale as a gift opportunity. Towards that end, we are seeking a variety of price levels.

Size restriction: for 2D work roughly 12 x 12 inches; for 3 D work: no more than 12“ in any direction.

How to Apply:

Email the following information to Hester at

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Title:
  • Media:
  • Dimensions in full inches (example: 12 x 24 NOT 11 5/8 x 24 3/8):
  • Sales price $ (the work must be for sale):
  • Commission: Indicate whether you would like to receive a 50% commission – OR – donate 100% of the sale price to The Arts Center.
  • A brief written description of the work, no more than 200 characters

Photographs of indicative works or of the specific work you will exhibit are much appreciated but are not required. Email PDF, no larger than 25MB.


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