Show Dates:  November 15-December 29, 2018

DEADLINE:  ELASTIC but no later than Nov 8, 2018 — Maker Commitment Date

What: Call to Artists, Makers and Tinkerers for “TOYS” at The Arts Center — a non-juried show in the Main Gallery for the holiday season.

Artists, makers and tinkerers are invited to participate in this 2018 holiday season themed exhibit called “TOYS.” Please add your work to a collection of toys that will delight kids, dogs, cats and grown-ups alike. 

This exhibit is part invitational and part open. Several artists have been invited, and all art makers are invited to participate. The Show can accommodate as many as 75 toys. 

Sign up NOW, and for sure before November 8, 2018. Entry is on a first come, first served basis. We will accept commitments to participate until 75 spots are filled. 

For an image, you can submit a sketch or leave that box in the form blank; we realize you may not be able to send us an image of the finished product yet. During the time you are working on the box send us “process images”, which we can post on Facebook. This creates a buzz about the show.

Upon acceptance, we will ask for a statement about your toy, which will be displayed next to your artwork during the exhibit. People like to know more about the arty toys they see!

The show also functions as a fundraiser, so each work in the show must be for sale. The Arts Center and makers share sale price 50/50. The show happens during the holiday season, and people will like the idea of giving an art toy as a gift. We encourage you to work with this in mind when pricing:  not too low, but not too high.  Because it is a fundraiser for programs of The Arts Center, we gratefully accept artist commission donations when offered.

About the Toys:

You can choose your own approach to your toy. It can be made for play (functional), but also for pure decoration (non-functional). The only parameter is that it be no bigger than roughly 1 foot in all directions. You can use most any materials, too, including wood, glass, clay, metal, wire, paper, plexiglass, fabric or fiber. Also acceptable are paintings or other two-dimensional representations of toys.

While You Create Your Toy:

Send us photos or videos of your toy while it’s in progress. We’ll use them on social media to generate more interest in the show and the opening.

We’ll “Giftwrap” at the Exhibit:

During the night Corvallis Arts Walk Dec 20, we’ll hold a “last minute shopping and gift wrapping” event. Patrons who bought work to give as a Christmas gift may pick up their purchase that day and (have it) giftwrapped. We’ll leave an image of the toy in its place.

Thanks to Pakmail Corvallis for sponsorship support of TOYS.

Time Line for “TOYS”

  • Nov. 15 – Dec. 29, 2017       Exhibition dates
  • Now – November                  Images of toys under construction posted on Facebook and The Arts Center website
  • November 8                        Deadline for artists to register
  • Nov. 10                                   Artists deliver artwork (noon to 5 p.m.)
  • Nov. 15                                   Corvallis Arts Walk (4 – 8 p.m.) Reception (5:30 -8 p.m.)
  • Nov. 30                                  Lunch Box Art Talk (noon)
  • Dec. 20                                  Corvallis Arts Walk (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  •                                                 Last minute shopping & gift wrapping

For more information contact Hester Coucke, The Arts Center Curator, or 541-754-1551, ext. 658.

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