Jessi earned a Masters in the Art of Teaching and a BA degree in Spanish, and Studio Art from Willamette University. She has worked with children and adults for the past 15 years in traditional classrooms as well as in camp settings. Jessi has taught several classes through the Corvallis Arts Center including No School Day Camps, Summer Camps, and Residencies with the Young Artists Program.  


Jessi’s background in elementary education drives her passion to work with kids and teachers. She loves to watch students brains shift while creating art and learn when they don’t even realize it! She is inspired by the world around her often using natural and recycled materials in her art and lessons. Jessi loves to experiment with new materials and often includes exploration and open discovery in her classes to see what students come up with on their own. Her favorite type of project is a long term collaborative collage or sculpture that morphs and grows as different artists make additions. 

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