As an artist with both Western European and Middle Eastern heritage, Jess draws inspiration for her artwork from her personal history, the natural world, and from moments of shared creative exploration with the families she teaches.

Jess has participated in numerous gallery shows and residency programs at schools, art centers, museums, and a correctional facility. 

Articles authored by Jess have been included in publications nationwide. She has also had the pleasure of presenting at arts and education conferences on the topics of creativity, collaboration, equity, and the power of play.


Jess Graff is an artist, writer, and educator who works in multiple art mediums. As a teaching artist, her positive energy is contagious for all class participants. 

She has been working with children and community programming in the Pacific Northwest for over 13 years. She is passionate about creating equitable classroom spaces and artworks that invite people of all ages and backgrounds to collaborate and communicate together.  

She has recently worked as the Artist in Residence Manager at Portland Children’s Museum, the Curator in Residence at Vancouver City Hall, and as a Teaching Artist with The Arts Center. 


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