Ally Maser received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at California College of the Arts in 2011 and she came to Oregon for an artist residency in 2014.  For four years, Ally ran her own gallery and studio in historic Brownsville that included regional artists, adult and kids’ classes, and community events.  Her storefront gallery MAZE art + frontier, lit her passion for enabling access to the arts for all.

“Connecting people to their own creativity and sparking inspiration fill me with abundant joy, and I seek this experience in every project I am involved with.”

Ally has been working with found natural materials in her fine art for over a decade, connecting her “wonder and curiosity of the natural world to the science and study of its’ properties.” She has experience with a wide range of mediums, including a focus on photography, video, and performance art in college.  Her experience and education is both hands-on and conceptual, with a foundation of critical theory and the belief that art has the power to transform our society and culture for the better.

Teaching /Residencies

Ally has been teaching through The Arts Center since 2015, including three permanent outdoor works at Liberty Elementary School, Memorial Middle School, and Waverly Elementary School.  

“I love school collaborations large and small that get students excited about the creative process.”  

Critical thinking, planning, play, and experimentation are integral to the flow of Ally’s classes.  It is important to her to source materials for classes that are recycled, found, or re-used. She includes students in this gathering process, especially when natural found elements are involved.  She is always seeking opportunities to widen students’ imaginations and perceptions.

“Creativity is a foundational practice of life.”

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