Local artist instructs local visitors in art activities by Artist Accelerator.

Artist Accelerator at
the Clothesline Sale of Art

Local art, surveys, and more! FREE creative art activities from artists Camila Godoy and Emily Mckenzie in Central Park.

August 5, 2023: 10 AM – 5 PM

About the Event:

Check out the Artist Accelerator booth during the 60th Clothesline Sale of Art in Central Park on August 5, 2023! Adult artists take a quick survey to help the Artist Accelerator better serve artists like you. We have something for everyone during the event, join us for all-day FREE art activities by local artists Camila Godoy Valdes and Emily McKenzie! These activities are created for ages 5+ and are a delight for adults too!

About the Clothesline Sale of Art: The Corvallis Arts Guild (CAG) annually presents the Clothesline Sale of Art and in 2023 the event celebrates 60 years of bringing local art to downtown Corvallis. The event boasts a full day of art for purchase, and art & science activities! Don’t miss CAG members and other local guilds selling their work and sharing techniques. Explore ‘The Science of Art’ with visiting Fulbright Scholar Dr. Derek Fish. Pizza, barbecue, beverages, and desserts will also be available for purchase.

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Creating with Chance with Camila Godoy Valdés

10:00 am – 1:00 pm FREE

Roll the dice with us and create your own chance-guided work of art. Will it be spectacular, monstrous, fantastical, or comical? All we know is it will be unique! A beginner-friendly activity, great for ages 5+. Use a set of prompts and chances to guide your creativity using various drawing and painting materials; the result is what the dice and you make it.

Bilingual (Spanish/English) and all materials provided.

About the Artist: Camila is a local artist, native Spanish speaker, and speech-language therapist from Chile. Camila has taught many workshops, including at LBCC and CMLC. She often combines watercolor and other drawing materials to create artwork that is playful and filled with joy. She combines her passion for art and speech therapy to resolve complex clinical cases and create or adapt playful activities for adults and children with speech and hearing disorders.

An example of art activities from the Artist Accelerator

Weaving in the Round with Emily McKenzie

1:30 – 5:00 pm FREE

Relax as you learn the meditative art of weaving in the round. Let yourself sink into the colors and textures of the yarns and before you know it, you’ll have a new wall hanging! A beginner-friendly weaving activity, great for ages 5+. Learn the anatomy of a hoop, basic weaving materials & techniques, and how to finish the back of a round weaving.

All materials provided.

About the Artist: Emily is an Oregon-based artist and teacher. Leading workshops is one of her favorite ways to connect with the local arts community and invite people to step away from the stressors of everyday life through weaving. Emily constructs pieces using found materials, vintage goods, and natural fibers.

art activities from the Artist Accelerator

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