The Arts Center accepts applications to exhibit in the Main and Corrine Woodman Galleries.

Applications to exhibit in 2025 open in October 2023. Check back soon!

The Arts Center encourages a diverse selection of artists to apply, including artists from historically  underrepresented communities. We welcome all artists regardless of citizenship status, color, familial status, gender identity or expression, religious observance, sex, sexual orientation, and sources or level of income.

  • It is free to apply.
  • There are a limited number of exhibition slots each year, however applications are kept on file for one year after the submission deadline. The criteria used for selecting exhibitions is shared upon request.
  • Artist collectives, organizations and groups are welcome to submit proposals.
  • Artists are encouraged, but not required, to display works for sale. The Arts Center’s commission rate is a 50/50 split with the artists. (Arrangements for artists with exclusive gallery commitments are possible.)

The Arts Center Exhibition Committee, a group of volunteers made up of professional artists and community members, helps select all exhibitions. After completing the application below, click the SUBMIT button only once. If you do not receive a confirmation email, or have any additional questions, contact Jennie Castle, at

Main Gallery 

The Main Gallery is 1100 sq. ft of oak floored space with 150 ft. of gallery walls re-surfaced with a glass-textile wall finish.

Corrine Woodman Gallery

The Corrine Woodman Gallery (CWG) consists of 2 spaces: a semi-enclosed space near the front door of The Art Center (approx. 25 linear feet with 72 sq. ft. of floor space), and a large wall near the back entrance (approx. 14 ft.).

Responsibilities of the Artist

  • Artists are responsible for delivery/transportation to and from The Arts Center. Some short term storage is available, please contact the Curator at
  • Artists are required to deliver work with Artist’s name, title, email and phone number secured to each piece.
  • Two-dimensional art should have a wire or a hanger, ready to hang on the wall; three-dimensional art should be stable and safe. (we discourage the use of saw tooth hangers). Without a wire or hanger, staff can choose not to include the piece. 
  • We accept unconventional hanging methods with clips, magnets etc. The artist must supply special hanging supplies and give clear instructions. We advise you to protect fragile surfaces with glass or Plexiglas. The Arts Center cannot accept responsibility for unprotected fragile surfaces.
  • Insurance will be provided during the exhibition. All work will be reimbursed for the full commission of the sales price declared on the provided consignment form. The consignment form must be completed for insurance value to be effective. 
  • We select work to be reproduced on an outdoor banner on the front of our building; the banner becomes TAC property, including future uses:  sales, tote bags, wallets, etc. If you do not want your work to be reproduced this way, please indicate in submission.