• January 2 – February 8, 2020
  • Reception and CAW: Thursday, January 16, 5:30 – 7:30
  • Lunchbox Art Talk: Friday, January 10, at 12 pm

Andreas Salzman teaches sculpture and ceramics as a faculty member of Lane Community College. He uses these two methods in his own work as well. It is an interesting combination:  reclaimed wood that is hammered, drilled, and manipulated, but starts out with its own shape; clay that is malleable, but once fired has a certain fragility — it can break.

Salzman’s work started out in mostly craft-based methodology. His work processes, use of salvaged wood and wood-fired ceramics give Salzman the opportunity to imply history, while still creating contemporary conceptual narrative work. The wooden structure of his sculptures is abstract with references to narrative shapes. They contain ceramic vessels standing in for the human form without visual references of symmetry in limbs.

Salzman’s work is conceptually about the relationships in his life, especially his family and his role as a husband and a father of three girls. In his own words: “I have found having a family is a sequence of looking to an unknown future while constantly looking to the past. I have found I seldom live in the present. I am, all at once, an optimist, an alarmist, a sentimentalist, and a builder. My work seems to fit the same pattern.”

FMI: Hester Coucke, The Arts Center Curator, hester@theartscenter.net (541) 754-1551, ext 658.