An Iris Stands Tall: A Mother’s Journey, A Daughter’s Transition

April 23 – June 14, 2019

  • SPECIAL Kick-off Speaker Event, Friday, April 26 – Trystan Reese at The Whiteside Theatre @ 6:30 pm
  • Artist Reception: Thursday May 9, 5:30 – 7:30
  • CAW: Thursday May 16, 4 – 8 PM – Artist will be present
  • Panel Discussion Beyond Binary: Thursday, May 30, 6:30 pm, moderated by Corvallis City Club moderator Steve Schultz and Corvallis Advocate Editor Stevie Beisswanger. Includes Michelle Bachand, Therapist;  Lorena Reynolds, Sibling and Lawyer Advocate, Rev. Amber Churchill First Congregational Church, Teddy Garish, Corvallis Transgender Support Group, and artist and mother Annette Sabater
  • Sinking City POP Festival

An Iris Stands Tall: “A Mother’s Journey, a Daughter’s Transition” is an art exhibit about gender identity.

The Arts Center recognizes the important role the arts can play helping people communicate and understand the social construct of gender and cultural identity formation. Gender identity, more newly understood to be a social construct, is moving us beyond the binary. Conversations surrounding gender identity and expression are not always easy or without controversy. Since the visual arts excel as a way to process information through non-verbal cues and feelings, The Arts Center presents this work to open conversations about this theme.

Artist Annette Sabater documented her journey through the gender transition of her daughter. Making artwork gave her an opportunity to express her feelings and doubts as she researched and learned the process and outcomes of the transition. It yielded a large body of artwork Sabater has begun use as an activist in support of people who are transgender. Her work is a testimonial that serves as a starting point for a conversation in the safe sanctuary of The Arts Center.

The Arts Center acknowledges that this exhibit is a parent’s process of understanding beyond the binary. The imagery used is very personal, and may feel different and perhaps stressful for other gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, nonbinary or trans people.

In tandem with this exhibit, the Corrine Woodman Gallery will feature “Plus Voices” artwork by local artists about gender identity, curated by Rosalie Lingo (May 3 – June 1, 2019).

A panel discussion, special speaker Trystan Reese, and Corvallis DIY’s annual music festival were also scheduled to accompany this show.

In Annette Sabater’s own words:

“My child began medical treatment to transition from an adolescent boy into a young woman at age sixteen. Although her father and I knew this was a possibility from early childhood, the realization that we were entering a new journey with our child into the transgender world was mysterious and at times full of doubt and grief.

Over the course of three years, my emotions and knowledge of this new world grew and changed. My art integrates my observations, research, experiences and interactions. Expression through art helped me process and understand my child on many levels and led me to accept and honor my daughter. This is both a vulnerable and proud process for me.

Through my art I explore my journey as I was led to deeper levels of understanding of my child.

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