11th Around Oregon Annual

Show dates: October 3 – November 16, 2013

Artists chosen for this annual juried art exhibition of artists from around Oregon.

  • Lynda Ater
  • Agnes Barton-Sabo
  • Amy Bay
  • Julia Bradshaw
  • Kathleen Capario
  • Wes Cropper
  • Gabe Fernandez
  • Tamae Frame
  • Austin Heitzman
  • Yuka Hirota
  • Casey Judy
  • Jane Keating
  • Sarah Laird
  • Alison Lutz 
  • Georgiana Nehl
  • Audra Ogden
  • Lisa Onstad
  • Darren Orange
  • Joanne Radmilovich
  • Martha Schlitt
  • Monte Shelton
  • Alexander Solomon
  • Mark Takiguchi
  • Mike E Walsh
  • Mary Wells
Congratulations to Monte Shelton, Alexander Solomon and Tamae Frame for being selected for Juror’s Best in Show Awards. 
Best of Show: Monte Shelton: Potential/Actualized (Fuel and Fire), oil on canvas
2nd Choice Award: Alexander Solomon: Untitled, archival inkjet on rag
3rd Choice Award: Tamae Frame: Keep it Safe, glazed stoneware

Our thanks to curator Bonnie Lang-Malcolmson, The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of NW Art at the Portland Art Museum. Here are her notes on the process:

I was very pleased to have been invited to jury the 2013 Around Oregon Annual for The Arts Center. It gave me the opportunity to see work by Oregon artists with whom I was not familiar, and selfishly, in my position as the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Northwest Art at the Portland Art Museum, exposure to new artists that might one day fit into the museum’s exhibition schedule is most helpful. 

This was a “blind” jurying process – I was not given the artists’ names whose images I reviewed. Although some of the artists’ distinctive styles were recognizable, for the most part those who were included or excluded were a mystery to me. When The Art Center staff sent me the included artists’ names I was delighted to see a few familiar artists on a list that was largely new to me. 

The high quality and professional presentation of the art work was admirable.  Mounting an exhibit that “hung together well” was a consideration and in a few cases that meant excluding individual works I liked.  To the artists who have been included, thank you for entering, it was a pleasure to see your work.  To those who were rejected, my apologies, I appreciate all that you do as artists and know that other jurors may have included you.

Art, craft, and beauty are words that conjure up a variety of images.  Contemporary art critics, curators, and artists could debate these issues ad nauseam and never agree on why one artist’s work is meaningful and another’s is not.  Work that appealed to me appeared well crafted, as though the artist knew how to use their chosen medium best to convey optimum meaning.  I especially liked to see series of pieces that were interrelated – there it seemed the artist had found and was exploring a compelling personal vision. 

The strongest works in this exhibit have color, form, shape, or simply over-all handling that is consistent with the content conveyed, whether narrative, process oriented, or abstract.  Beauty is even harder to define; it may be found it in crude strong drawings with extreme value contrast or in notes of pure color subtly juxtaposed against a broad range of grays; as long as concept and formal elements fused to make meaning, I was interested.  

I hope this is a truly beautiful, compelling exhibition…but it is sometimes hard to tell from looking at images.  It is up to you, the viewer, to respond to the show.  I hope you will appreciate the work these fine Oregon artists who spend their lives making art have produced, that in itself is a brave accomplishment. My appreciation to Hester Coucke, The Art Center Curator, for her clear directions and infinite patience.



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