The Arts Center invites artists to submit works that relate to the idea of light. This is open to the artist’s interpretation, and all mediums are welcome. See below for details, important dates, and restrictions.


  • Sept 28: Deadline to submit work
  • Nov12 – Dec 21: Exhibit dates “About Light”
  • Nov 14: Thursday Reception
  • Nov 21 & Dec 19:  Corvallis Arts Walk
  • Nov 27: WEDNESDAY Lunchbox Art Talk
  • Dec 23 Monday: Pick up unsold & purchased work

All little bit about the show, About Light

Consider light. It is crucial to life on Earth. In the Pacific Northwest, sunlight’s absence, as well as its importance, become starkly clear in the fall and winter months. The winter solstice marks the beginning of sunlight’s gradual seasonal return. Light also occupies metaphorical territory: many spiritual traditions use light as a symbol.

Light is the opposite of heavy. Light colors, light moods. The light of my life. lists myriad definitions of the word light. We invite you to interpret light in two- or three-dimensional works of art. Works can be figurative or literal representations of any aspect of light. The challenge for this exhibit is to represent light.

** Artwork CANNOT include any physical or artificial working light source, such as bulbs, torches or any other powered light source. Because the gallery will be lit with the usual combination of track lights and natural light, it will drown out light sources incorporated in the artwork. An intended light source is suitable, such as lanterns, candlesticks, etc. All other materials are welcomed.

This exhibit is part invitational and part open call. To supplement the works of several invited artists, we ask local art makers to participate. We have room for as many as 70 works of art. The deadline to commit is October 1, 2019. Online applications for open entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please register in the form below. We will accept commitments to participate until we have all spots filled. We will notify everyone who registers and will create a backup list of as many as 15 pieces.

This exhibit is The Arts Center’s holiday show and also a fundraiser. We hope to bring lightness to the dark days of December AND to be able to offer art for sale as a gift opportunity. Towards that end, we are seeking a variety of price levels.

Size restriction: for 2D work roughly 12 x 12 inches; for 3 D work: no more than 12“ in any direction.

How to Apply:

Email the following information to Hester at

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Title:
  • Media:
  • Dimensions in full inches (example: 12 x 24 NOT 11 5/8 x 24 3/8):
  • Sales price $ (the work must be for sale):
  • Commission: Indicate whether you would like to receive a 50% commission – OR – donate 100% of the sale price to The Arts Center.
  • A brief written description of the work, no more than 200 characters

Photographs of indicative works or of the specific work you will exhibit are much appreciated but are not required. Email PDF, no larger than 25MB.

August 1, 2019

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Stop by the monthly Artist Meetup, bring a work in progress (song, music, painting, sculpture, etc.) to share or just come to enjoy the company of local and regional artists.

Stop by, say hi, share, listen, enjoy. Light refreshments will be provided.

This event is free and open to the public.

***This event is located in the Basement of The Arts Center (Sorry no elevator)***


The Arts Center invites you to submit artwork for the Corrine Woodman Galleries 2020 exhibition schedule.

DEADLINE: Oct. 6, 2019, midnight

Who makes the selection? The Arts Center Exhibition Committee reviews submissions. This committee also selects the exhibitions for the Main Gallery. The committee includes representatives from art guilds in the area as well as artist members at large.

Eligibility: This call is open to artists from the Willamette Valley. It can be work by up-and-coming as well as established artists, young artists, those working in non-traditional as well as under-represented media or subject matter, artists interested in experimenting with the gallery spaces, and those interested in curating their own exhibits in any of these categories.

Most visual art media, including video but excluding performance, will be considered. Jurors will look for work of high quality and imagination, and work that engages viewers. Jurors will also consider the appropriateness and suitability for the available spaces.

Artists who have had a solo or two-person exhibit in the Corrine Woodman Galleries in 2019 are not eligible.

The Gallery Spaces: There are two Corrine Woodman Galleries. The Arts Center will exhibit the work of one to two artists per exhibit. When two artists are included, works from both individuals will be placed in both galleries.

The Corrine Woodman Gallery I occupies space in the front of the building, just off the ArtShop. This intimate space measures 7.5 feet by 9 feet, with a total of 23 linear feet of useable wall space. Artists are expected to have some familiarity with the gallery space before submitting.

The Corrine Woodman Gallery II includes a ±15-foot-long wall close to the building’s back entrance. It occupies a high-traffic area, and it’s specifically equipped for large work or murals. It can accommodate smaller pieces, including small three-dimensional work (no more than 5 inches deep).

Terms and Conditions:

  • Work previously shown at The Arts Center is not eligible.
  • The Arts Center receives a 50 percent commission on artwork sales.
  • Work is to have been completed within the past two years unless the proposal is for a retrospective.
  • Submissions must represent the work that will be exhibited but does not need to be the exact pieces that will be shown.
  • The Arts Center will send notifications regarding submissions electronically.
  • If you want confirmation that a submission has been received, send a request to for confirmation.

Method of Submission: 

  • Submit name and contact information.
  • An outline or short description of the proposed exhibit no more than 3,000 characters including spaces.
  • 10 images (no less, no more). Exhibits will be selected from these digital images.
    Image File Guidelines:
  • JPG files only.
  • Each image should measure 1,920 pixels on the longest side.
  • Images should be standard web resolution of 72 ppi/dpi.
  • Image files must be no larger than 2MB.
  • Name each image file to include: number, artist name, title, medium, dimensions using whole numbers (24 instead of 23.5 in.)
  • Do not use digital imaging software to place a watermark or embed a name or any other information onto the image.


  • Oct. 6, 2019: Deadline to submit proposals
  • Nov. 4, 2018: Exhibit Committee meets for selection
  • Nov. 12 through Dec. 17: Artists notified electronically
  • Questions or FMI:
    • email with the subject: “CWG Submission 2020”
    • Call 541-754-1551 extension 658, Mon – Thursday 9 AM – 2 PM

The Critical Eye: Works from Rich Bergeman, Phil Coleman, Marjorie Kinch, Bill Laing, Jack Larson, John Morris, Jim Magruder, Dave McIntire, and John Ritchie

Corrine Woodman Gallery

July 2 – 27, 2019

Conversations from the CWG: Thursday, July 11th, 12 noon

The exhibit – The Critical Eye – serves dual roles: to show work by individual photographers, and to show the importance of having a supportive artistic community. Such a community sustains artists by providing a sounding board of peers and creating an instant audience.

Early in 2010 Rich Bergeman, Phil Coleman, Marjorie Kinch, Bill Laing, Jack Larson, John Morris, Jim Magruder, Dave McIntire, and John Ritchie started meeting monthly to critique each other’s work. The group currently consists of eight members, all actively engaged in their art. A founding member, Dave McIntire, died recently but his work is included in the exhibit. McIntire’s artistic style and critical input profoundly influenced the whole group and the exhibit would be incomplete without him.

The photographic styles and interests of the members are completely different, ranging from landscape photography to portraits, abstract work and everything in between. They developed a common critical language based on composition, intent, subject and artistic impact to help each other grow and evolve their personal styles.  For the next nine years the group continued to meet and share their work, influencing each other’s artistic thinking and helping each other grow as individual artists.

Around Oregon Annual, juried by Sandee McGee
June 20 – August 9, 2019
HOURS: Tues-Sat, 12-5 pm

Group exhibit by professional artists from Oregon

For Call to Artists: Deadline March 17: LINK

An opportunity to exhibit at Art for the Heart
with a chance to be previewed in the Corinne Woodman Gallery

Art for the Heart
Saturday, October 5, 2019
CH2M Hill Alumni Center | Corvallis, OR

The Arts Center is hosting Art for the Heart on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center in Corvallis. The event is the largest fundraiser of the year for The Arts Center. This event replaces the long standing chocolate-themed event held in past years and has been reimagined with a new 8×8 Gallery featuring the art of established, emerging, and youth artists from the region.

Participants in the 8×8 Gallery will donate their work in support of The Arts Center and all art will be available for purchase for $40 on the night of the event. A preview of art will be shown in the Corinne Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center the week before the event.


  • Size of the art: 8”x 8” (2D) or fit in a 8”x 8”x 8” box (3D). Finished pieces must be no larger than 8”x 8” including the frame or 8”x 8”x 8” including supports and displays. All art work must be display ready.
  • A gallery frame canvas or wood panel does not need a hanging fixture on the back. 3D pieces will be displayed on tables.
  • Art does not need to comply with any specific theme and any medium is accepted as long as it fits the 8”x 8” format.

How to Submit: Download and fill-out the Donation Form. (Forms also available at The Arts Center.) Drop off artwork before September 17 at The Arts Center’s Art Shop. OPEN HOURS:  Tuesday-Saturday, 12 – 5 pm. (Closed July 4 Holiday.)

As a service to artists, The Art Shop is selling 8”x 8” wood panels for $5 each. Panels are available: Tuesdays-Saturdays 12 PM – 5 PM. You may also create your own 8” x 8” art base or purchase a frame elsewhere.

Art that does not sell can still be donated, or you may pick-up at The Arts Center’s Art Shop on Tuesday, October 9 through Saturday, October 12. Art not collected during this time frame will become a donation to The Arts Center and sold through the Art Shop as a 100% donation to The Arts Center. 

Art Donation Form to fill out and attach to your Artwork >>

For more information, contact Kimberly Long at

What: LGBTQ + Non-Binary: Neighbors and Allies, is a panel disussion that will address the many facets of being part of LGBTQ + Non-Binary communities. This discussion will be an opportunity for the public to listen, learn, and engage.

When:  Thursday, May 30, 6:30

Where: The Arts Center

Why: To create an opportunity for supportive conversations about gender identity and transitions, and to inform and educate the general public about the journeys of people in LGBTQ + Non-Binary communities.

FREE and open to the public

The Arts Center’s current exhibit, An Iris Stands Tall, work by Annette Sabater concerns the journey of a parent of a transgender child. The drawings and paintings in this body of work spark conversations and express experiences, doubt, fears, and reassurances. Art is not a luxury…it is a practice that changes people; that builds people; that strengthens our civic fabric.

The Arts Center realizes that the LBGTQ + Non-binary community is much larger and diverse than what An Iris Stands Tall addresses. Challenges not only affect the direct Trans community but also the communities of family and friends. The Arts Center has invited Steve Schultz and Stevie Beiswanger, of the Corvallis Advocate to moderate this panel discussion.

Panel Speakers

  • Annette Sabater (artist/parent)
  • Teddy Gerrish (Corvallis Transgender Support Group)
  • Micki Bachand (therapist)
  • Lorena Reynolds (sibling/laywer)
  • Rev. Amber Churchill (First Congregational Church)
  • Brandy Forston (509J Schoolboard)

Youth Poetry Winners 2019

In celebration of April Poetry Month 2019, Grades K-8 poets, living in Linn or Benton County submitted poems and artwork to the 14th Annual Youth Poetry Celebration. These poems were exhibited in the Corinne Woodman Gallery at The Arts Center. The exhibition concluded with an open mic night and award ceremony.

First Name Last Name Title Grade Award
Tyger DeBolt Driftwood 8 1st Place + Art Award
Mirabelle Chen Night 2 1st Place English
Penelope Wiegand The Mushroom Wood 3 1st Place English
Morgan Koller El Taco Gato 1 1st Place Spanish
Aiden Reed Un Lapiz 4 1st Place Spanish
Leon Garcia Ugly 8 2nd Place
Mathilda Wiegand Fox Goes Out 1 2nd Place English
Alivia King Ice Cream Time 4 2nd Place English
Marlen Lopez Capas de la Tierra 1 2nd Place Spanish
Madilyn Baldwin Mi poem de quiero a ese muestra 4 2nd Place Spanish
Cara Morgen The Beast of Halloween 6 3rd Place
Mika Peltomaki Space 5 3rd Place English
Quinn Mann Poolday pre K 3rd Place English
Genesis Lopez-Dominguez Volcanes 1 1st Place Spanish
Amiya Lindsey Jardin 4 3rd Place Spanish
TC   My Cat 1 Art Award
Adele Wolfe Rats 2 Art Award
Aiden Kirby Spring Turtles 3 Art Award
Emma Terry Dragon Dragon 3 Art Award
Grace Koller Sky 4 Art Award
Silas Hackthorn Mi Perro! 4 Art Award
Ellen Dayvance Gentle Row 5 Art Award
Thomas Adams Snow 6 Art Award
Louk Maser Red pre K Art Award
Alan Romero Blue pre K Art Award
Daisy Adams Flowers 1 Honorable Mention E
Corrina Kiebler-Windham Red Pandas 2 Honorable Mention E
Adele Aukerman Snow Day 2 Honorable Mention E
Eva Hall Silly is Yellow 4 Honorable Mention E
Corbin Roderswel Sadnis 4 Honorable Mention E
Derek Henriquez Angry is Red 4 Honorable Mention E
Lexi Swanson Calm is Blue 4 Honorable Mention E
Natalee Stevens Wild 5 Honorable Mention E
Dawson Narenda Spring 5 Honorable Mention E
SG   George K Honorable Mention E
Ennie Jiang Happy Lantern Festival K Honorable Mention E
Renezmae Monterastelli Pink pre K Honorable Mention E
Liam Varner Untitled pre K Honorable Mention E
Nestor Zavala Black pre K Honorable Mention E
Rylan Rowen Dinosaurs pre K Honorable Mention E
Adrienne Shields La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Selma Janske Las Koalas 1 Honorable Mention S
Gia Baum La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Eli Riley-Stevens El Koala Oscura 1 Honorable Mention S
Avery Bly La Tierra 1 Honorable Mention S
Bea Ryan Gatos 1 Honorable Mention S
Odin Compton Lola 4 Honorable Mention S
Lucas Clemens Gatos 4 Honorable Mention S
Emmett Peetz Vader 4 Honorable Mention S
Jaquin Diaz-Andrade Diamante 4 Honorable Mention S
Arabella Bribiccaspann Ama e ese gatiti 4 Honorable Mention S
Elena Adams Ama 4 Honorable Mention S
Carmen Juarez La Playa 4 Honorable Mention S

Take your creativity on an adventure under the sea!

July 15-19, 2019

Add octopus legs to your pot! Learn basic wheel throwing to make a pot and hand-building techniques to add parts. We’ll also be making fish shaped pinch pots, an aquarium slab box, and a mosaic underwater ocean. This class is for beginners and intermediate levels. 

Register Here
Morning camp (ages 7 – 10 years old)
Afternoon camp (ages 10-13 years old)

Half-day camps: $250.00 per child
Early Drop Off/ Late pick up click here!

June 20 – August 9, 2019 | Around Oregon Annual

  • CAW/Reception: Thursday, June 20, 5:30 – 8 PM
  • Lunchbox Artists Talk: Thursday, June 27 at 12 noon
    • with artists, Jennifer Lommers, Diane English, and Suzanne Getz
  • The Arts Center will be closed July 4
  • Corvallis Arts Walk: Thursday, July 18 4 – 8 PM

The Around Oregon Annual is a juried art exhibition that embodies the talents and artistic diversity of visual artists throughout Oregon, including both emerging and established artists. Artists from all over the state can submit work, and each year a different guest juror is invited to curate the show. This year’s juror, Sandee McGee, is a visual artist and Gallery Director at Umqua Valley Arts Center.

Read the juror’s statement here >>

Selected Artists: Mark Allison, Richard Bergeman, Ron Bunch, Kathleen Caoario, Lauren Carrere, Daniel Cochina, Susan Circone, Patrice Cook, Hester Coucke, Renee Couture, Katie Dillard, Angela Passalacqua, Diane English, Susanne Getz, Patricia Giraud, Leslie Green, Sarah Grew, Nancy Helmsworth, Maria Renée Johnson, Marilyn Joyce, Bob Keefer, Ann Kresge, Jennifer Lommers, Barbara Martin, Chi Meredith, M.V. Moran, Uyen-thi Nguyen, Gail Owen, Susan Rudisill, Karen Russo, John Saling, Susan Schenk, David Scott, Yelena Shabrova, Monte Shelton, Bill Shumway, Sidnee Snell, John Subert, Subarna Talkuder Bose, Caroline Viene, Bruce Vincent, Libby Wadsworth, Roka Walsh, Martha Wehrle

Artist Awards:

  • First Juror’s Choice: Marilyn Joyce: First Shadows on the Playa
  • Second Juror’s Choice: Sidnee Snell: Degeneration
  • Third Juror’s Choice: Maria Renée Johnson: Beneath the Blue Moon

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