Artist Residencies

Artists in Residence Oct. 2018 – February 2019:

Due Oct. 9, 2018: More information below or apply here. 

Fostering creativity and engagement with the arts, to inspire personal growth and community well-being.

The Artist Accelerator is offering professional develop programming to four emerging artists (two 2D artists and 2 ceramic artists). The successful applicant has the opportunity to network with artists, curators, collectors and the wider public whilst visiting ongoing exhibitions and events organized in the Arts Center. The residency program will also provide intimate opportunities to engage with professional artists as well as an end-of-residency exhibition in the Corrine Woodman Gallery I & II.

The residency program is open to 2D artists (2) and Ceramic artists (2) over 18 years of age and open to all backgrounds. This is a fantastic opportunity for an ambitious and emerging  artist to benefit from a shared studio. To engage in their arts community, create new works, to experiment, research or take a new direction, and to strengthen a career.  The Artist Accelerator resident artists are selected for community-building and personal growth potential, as well as ability/willingness to contribute to the growing artist community. We encourage our resident to be a part of our The Arts Center team by knowing our history, programs and upcoming events, and integrating with programming and publicity as much as possible.

The progress of the Artist Accelerator residency will be advertised on the gallery’s social media accounts, newsletter and website.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • 24-hour access to your 2D/painting or pottery studio, tables, chairs, easels, water, internet, restrooms, and electricity.
  • Show in our Corrine Woodman Gallery Jan-Feb. 2019 along with the other artists in residence.
  • Opportunity to sell in Artshop (50/50 split of revenue & 3 month trial period)
  • Opportunity to participate in Arts Alive 2019
  • Advanced notice of restricted use of basement/inaccessible times to artists
  • ~150 sq ft 2D/painting shared space or ~200 sq ft shared pottery space.
  • Assistance of Marketing platforms of The Arts Center website, E-newsletter, Facebook and Instagram pages for publicity

What we expect from you:

  • Attendance at and participation in Artist Accelerator lectures and meetups
  • A total of 10 hrs. Open/Public Studio Hours during residency to engage youth/adults in understanding of the creative process. Oct. 2018 – Feb. 2019 and scheduled with at least 2 weeks notice for publicity.
  • Active interest in contributing to the culture by engaging with the public at gallery openings, artist talks, and general openness to engage students and guests
  • Assistance with upkeep of studio throughout residency term
  • Cleaning of studio at end of residency
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth through Artist Accelerator programming and opportunities
  • Completion of survey & review of residency programming upon completion

The Details:

  • 2D Studio
    • Oct. 22, 2018 – Feb. 24, 2019
    • Cost: $200/month (Total: $800 over 4 months)
    • 2 artists share a ~300 sq. ft. space w/ ~150 sq. ft. each
    • Including 24/7 access, water, electricity, heat, easels, tables, some tools & supplies, internet, chairs, and restrooms
    • 1 professional development event offered by The Arts Center per month
    • 1 artist meetup offered The Arts Center per month of residency
  • Ceramic Studio
    • Oct. 22, 2018 – Feb. 24, 2019
    • Cost: $200/month (Total: $800 over 4 months)
    • 2 artists share a ~400 sq. ft. space w/ ~200 sq. ft. each
    • Including 24/7 access, water, electricity, heat, tables, some tools, internet, chairs, restrooms, and throwing wheels.
    • 1 professional development event offered The Arts Center per month
    • 1 artist meetup offered The Arts Center per month of residency
    • Artists purchase own glazes (Δ06 or Δ5/6)
    • Additional costs:
      • Firing Skutt electric kiln ability to fire Δ06 or Δ5/6
        • Bisque fire to Δ06 $25
        • Glaze fire to Δ06 $35
        • Glaze Fire to Δ5/6 $50

For more information:

Contact: Claire Elam | Artist Accelerator Program Director – Ext. 661 (M, W, F)


Education Residencies:

The Arts Center works to bring arts into the lives of all learners and community members. Through artist residencies, local professional teaching artists work with educators and school administration to create integrated arts experiences for students.

Artist residencies outcomes:

  • Enhance student engagement with curriculum through integrated arts education
  • Creative experiences activate learning for students with different learning styles
  • Students develop creative thinking and collaboration skills
  • Students learn from professional artists about artistic careers

Structure of Residencies

Artist residencies are crafted with schools for unique programs that can meet schools’ and classrooms’ specific interests. Residencies can be a cooperative special project celebrating a particular aspect of your community, and/or provide arts integration for classroom curriculum based on Common Core and State Art Standards.





Drawing, Painting and Illustration


Fiber Arts

Paper Arts


Theater, Acting, Puppetry