Congratulations to our 2020 Youth Poetry Contest Winners!

first last title grade
Kieran Jacobberger I am Free 1
Pearl Magdaleno I am Free 1
Navarro Myles I am Free 1
Miles Pickett I am Free 1
Anson Sliler I am Free 1
Brooke Canan Reading 2
Ryder Glee Home 2
Izzy Hahn At my Home 2
Reuben Larison Home 2
Rose Sheets House 2
Matilda Wiegand a Bird 2
Dante Gomez Untitled (Cumulus Clouds) Pre-K
Addison Kolman Untitled (I Like Snowflakes) Pre-K
Mattix Nelson Stormy Weather Pre-K
Jayden Soto Untitled Pre-K
Aubrie Soto Untitled (I Like Storms) Pre-K
Adele Aukerman The Rain 3
Grace Hahn House Rules 3
Nolan Irwin Home 3
James Runciman A Home 3
Felix Taylor -McCannon Home 3
Tanner Chang Just Because… 5
Calan Ellis Sense Poem 5
Jordan Moss Rocky Ford Morning 5
Dessy Snow Just Poem 5
Kayla Sosa Rainy Days 5
Oliver Stowers Where I’m From ?
Cara Morgan Legendary Wings 7