Exhibition Dates: March 12-30, 2019

Original art+poetry created by young artists during a week-long visual and literary arts program at Oak Creek Correctional Facility. This program is an opportunity for the youth to explore the arts as a means of creative self-expression as part of their education while residents. Their work was guided with the support of professional artists Barry Shapiro and Marilyn Johnston

Since 2012, The Arts Center has teamed with Oregon Youth Authority and local professional artists to bring art and expression to the young female residents at Oak Creek Correctional Facility.

The youth participants in this 10-day workshop tell their own stories through poetry, authored with the support of local poet Marilyn Johnston. At times harrowing and heartbreaking, luminous and cautiously hopeful, the original poetry collected here are the once silent stories of young women given voice and words.

The young artists also capture images of their lives with the guidance of photographer Barry Shapiro. With these images, they have chosen for themselves what will represent them and have reclaimed how their stories are seen by others.

This exhibit and the accompanying volume collects the work of Oak Creek’s young artists created during their 2018 winter workshop.

The Arts Center has sponsored the art+poetry program with the talents, skills, and dedication of local artists. This program would not exist without the support of donors who have generously provided funding for the program for many years.

We are thankful for the donors, members, community partners, and artists whose hard work and passion make it possible to bring art into the lives of people in our  community. If you would like to support arts programs of that benefit youth, DONATE NOW.