With Wings and Tails | November 16 – December 17, 2016

  • Brown Bag and Artist Talk | Nov 16, noon
  • Reception and CAW  | Thursday, November 17,  4pm- 8pm

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12 noon – 5 PM

We love pet photos. We marvel at images of animals in nature. With Wings and Tails, is an art exhibit depicting the real and imagined life of animals.

Viewing animals is good for us!

Researchers at Caltech found that our brains “fire” when we see an animal — a dog, a spider, a mouse — but not a person, place or object. The region in the brain is the amygdala, an almond-shaped area associated with emotions.* For that reason, and more, The Arts Center presents a heartwarming exhibit of animals during the cold, dark days of winter.

With Wings and Tails is an exhibit about animal life, real and imagined. Artworks are not limited to wings or tails. Some of the work is sweet and endearing; some addresses animal life in a more realistic way. Some would make a wonderful gift for a special someone, or yourself.

Local and regional artists were invited to share their animal friends. They connect with and depict animals in a variety of ways. Exhibit includes works in clay by Sara Swink, Anthony Gordon and Renee McKitterick, who also shows interesting prints. Stan Peterson shares delightful wood sculptures. Faye Cummins and Andrea Huyer share paintings of colorful interpretations and realistic portrayals. Patricia Giraud, Carol Chapel, Liisa Rahkonen, Andrew Myers and Christopher Adams have a strong hand of drawing with the wildness and movement of the animal world. Frank Kolwicz’ photographs of birds are a subtle form of wildlife photography.

Come see if the scientific research is correct.

*Original story by Kristina C. on Care2 website:

Participating artists:
Christopher Adams, Liisa Barden-Rahkonen, Carol Chapel, Faye Cummins, Anthony Gordon, Patricia Giraud, Adriana Huyer, Frank Kolwicz, Renee McKitterick, Andy Myers, Stan Peterson and Sara Swink.