Volunteer Profile, Sarah Greene

Sarah Greene shares why she values her volunteer time at The Arts Center. 

TAC: Who are you?

Sarah: Well, I am a mother, wife, friend, forest ecologist and lover of art, music and the outdoors.

TAC: Why do you volunteer at The Arts Center? 

Sarah: As a mother (and a citizen), I am disturbed at how art receives short shrift in our schools. TAC is helping to mitigate some of the resulting bad effects.  As a scientist, I am really interested in learning how artists see and perceive the world. I think people really benefit from looking at the world through uncomfortable, unusual and different ways; the arts can make this happen.

TAC: What do you do as a volunteer at The Arts Center?
Sarah: I am volunteering for the Artist Accelerator program.
TAC: What do you wish others knew about TAC? 
Sarah: Just that it exists, that it is an open and friendly place, that it is truly dedicated to the arts in the community and beyond. It needs community support!
TAC: What has been the highlight of your volunteer experience? 
Sarah: Taking part in the Arts Alive! programs last summer.
Artist Accelerator Program Director, Claire Elam shares, “Sarah joined the Artist Accelerator Program as a volunteer last year and her input, spirit, and perseverance has been invaluable to the success of the program but especially Arts Alive. I look forward to another year of partnership and learning with Sarah.”
Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock, TAC Director shares, “I greatly appreciate Sarah’s thoughtful participation in projects. She takes the opportunity to learn as much as she can about each program, and she understands and advocates for the importance of the arts for everyone.”