Volunteer Profile, Rich Bergeman

Rich Bergeman shares why he values his volunteer time at The Arts Center. 

TAC: Who are you?

Rich: I am a fine-art photographer with over 30 years of experience. One of my first exhibits back in the late 1980s was in an invitational group show of up-and-coming artists called The Emergence. Since then I’ve been in over 30 solo exhibits and 100+ group shows around the Pacific Northwest. I am a retired instructor of journalism and photography at Linn Benton Community College, and I started the first photo degree program in the 1990s. I have been married to Carol Ann Langstine, a local quilter, for over 40 years.

TAC: Why did you decide to volunteer at The Arts Center?

Rich: I was asked to replace Owen Bentley on the Exhibition Committee, as representative of the PhotoArts Guild, about six years ago.

TAC: What do you do for The Arts Center?

Rich: As a member of the Exhibition Committee, I help select shows for the Main Gallery and the Corrine Woodman Gallery. I assist with installation and documenting shows. Additionally, I clip newspapers for articles on local artists.

According to Hester Coucke, Curator, “Rich also photo documents each exhibition for our archives, insuring we have quality images of our installed exhibits. His support has been invaluable to me and the Exhibition program.”

TAC: What do you wish others knew about The Arts Center?

Rich: I wish more people realized The Arts Center exists and came to see the exhibits.

TAC: What has been the highlight of your volunteer experience?

Rich: I really enjoy working with Exhibition Curator, Hester Coucke. It’s been fun and illuminating to learn the art of curating from someone with such a good eye for and appreciation of art.