Volunteer Profile, Pat Fordney

Pat Fordney shares a glimpse of her volunteer experience at The Arts Center. 

TAC: Who are you?

Pat: I began life thinking I would be an artist but ended up as a nurse for 40 years. Now that I’m retired I’m trying to resurrect my passion for art. Originally from New Mexico, I have lived in many places, including Arizona, San Diego, Australia, and Alaska, where I spent 26 years and raised my two daughters. Since 2011, I’ve called Corvallis home, where I enjoy living in the rain and big trees. I have degrees in anthropology and art history, and when I’m not pursuing my artistic interests, I keep busy by cycling, hiking, reading, and traveling.

TAC: Why do you volunteer at The Arts Center? 

Pat: My love of art sparked my curiosity about The Arts Center and its role in the Corvallis community. Throughout my volunteer experience, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the varied programs, exhibits, lectures, and activities for children. I’ve also met some of the amazing staff members and other volunteers.

TAC: What do you do as a volunteer at The Arts Center?
Pat: Last summer I helped with Arts Alive! events, assisted kids with puppet making as part of the summer camp program, helped with the Second Saturday arts activities, and volunteered at the Chocolate Fantasy fundraiser, an evening surrounded by chocolate… that must be everyone’s dream. If an extra person or set of hands is needed I’m willing to jump in!
TAC: What do you wish others knew about TAC? 
Pat: I’ve shared my knowledge and enthusiasm for the programs with friends, and my hope is that they will have a broader understanding of The Arts Center.
Arts Integration Director, Jen Hernandez-Cornelius shares, “Pat is always fantastic to work with, she brings her humor and joy with her to every event she helps with. She’s fantastic with teens and kids, and is always ready to learn something totally new.”
Community Engagement Coordinator, Jen Bouton shares, “Pat is an enthusiastic and passionate volunteer who brings her zest for life into her numerous volunteer roles, which span Education and Artist Accelerator program projects and several fundraising events. Pat is a delight, and we are grateful for the creativity, cheer, easy-going nature she shares with us and community members when she volunteers.”