Margot Dedrick is a graduate student in the Arts & Administration program at the University of Oregon. This summer she is interning at The Arts Center where she is working on a number of projects with Jen Cornelius, the Education and Outreach Coordinator. Margot is interested in arts education and community engagement, and has been assisting with summer camp coordination and outreach events. Additionally, she has been working on cultivating volunteers, evaluating programs, and is learning about integrated program development for the new Atelier program.

Prior to returning to graduate school, Margot volunteered in the ArtShop and made a lively video record of the 2015 Howland Community Open Show. When she has time in the studio oil painting is her medium of choice. 


Margo shares, “I am thrilled to be applying theoretical knowledge of arts administration in the lively and supportive environment at The Arts Center.”


We are thrilled Margot has brought so much to her intern time with us.

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