Volunteer Profile, Walter Barkan

Walter Barkan shares why he values his volunteer time at The Arts Center. 

TAC: Who are you?

Walter: I have been trying to figure that out for more than 60 years and have yet to reach a clear conclusion.  Work at The Arts Center may be part of that effort.

TAC: Why do you volunteer at The Arts Center? 

Walter: Working with artists and the arts provides a delightful and enriching contrast after many years of involvement in the computer industry.

TAC: What do you for The Arts Center?

Walter: I have served on the:

  • Exhibition Committee (1998 – present), which entails reviewing submissions for display at TAC and provides the opportunity to see a wide variety of art.  Discussions about selections with other committee members are always fun and help me to see many works in ways that would never have occurred to me on my own.
  • TAC Board (2011 – 2017), Treasurer, (2015 – 2017), Chocolate Fantasy Chair, (2012)
  • Non-profit community service organizations such as TAC face numerous and growing challenges to their continued existence.  I hope the application of my business skills and experience helped to strengthen and sustain TAC.
  • TAC Endowment Board (2011- present), president, (2016 – present) 

TAC: Anything else you want us to know?

Walter: Hmmmm……  Nothing I can think of at the moment.

What The Arts Center staff would like you to know about Walter:

Curator Hester Coucke shares, “Walter has business skills, and he also figures out a lot of the trickier “hanging” solutions in the gallery. To name just a few of his gallery hanging solutions his skills have enabled us to install:

  • hook and pully system to hang a giant glass chandelier,
  • a full model train lay out,
  • a circle of bird houses in the trees
  • a conceptual installation by Edgar Heap of Birds

Walter also constructed the walls surrounding the Corrine Woodman Gallery I, which made it the intimate exhibition space that it is now.”

Director Cynthia Spencer Hadlock shares: “Walter has a systems analyst mind and is an excellent writer and grant application editor on our behalf. He began his service representing the Mid-Willamette Valley Woodworkers Guild. Over the past 20 years, Walter’s involvement grew into many hours of time, talent and financial support on behalf of the arts. He is a wonderful example of involvement leading to greater investment. We owe much to Walter and appreciate that he is still very actively involved.”