November 15-December 29, 2018

Artists, Makers and Tinkerers are celebrate “TOYS” in a show for the holiday season. The resulting collection is a delight for kids, dogs, cats and grown-ups alike. The exhibit is part invitational and part open. The show is also a fundraiser, so each work in the show is for sale. Makers and The Arts Center and share the sale price 50/50.

About the Toys:

They may be for play (functional), but also for pure decoration (non-functional), and are made out of most any materials including wood, glass, clay, metal, wire, paper, plexiglass, fabric or fiber. There are also a few 2D representations of toys. The only parameter was that they may be no bigger than roughly 1 foot in all directions, and even this rule was broken.

Participating artists:

Pat Berman, Rich Bergeman, Trish Browning, Roberta Casteel, Hester Coucke, 
Rutger and Judith Coucke, Brian Egan, Suzanne Getz, Anthony Gordon, Jess Graff, 
Jen Hernandez-Cornelius, Kathy Jederlinich, Ann Lahr, Kimberly Long, Marta Maxwell, Karen Miller, Lauren Ohlgren, Susan Pachuta, Rani Primmer and Peggy Sharrow.
Artist Talk:  Kimberly Long, Rani Primer, Susan Pachuta:

 “Giftwrap” at the Exhibit:

Thursday, December 20, 5:30-7:30 pm is a “last minute shopping and gift wrapping” event during the Corvallis Arts Walk. Patrons who bought work to give as a Christmas gift may pick up their purchase that day and have it gift wrapped. We’ll leave an image of the toy in its place.


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