After the work of Nancy Helmsworth

weathered planks / pink blossoms / carved green button / a feeling that can only be described as the anxiety of seeing into other people’s lives / the objects they have drawn into their orbits / their houses smelling like nothing will smell again in human history / an unidentified machine in their backyard / painted startling emerald / stacks of stone under plastic film spotting with raindrops / someday reconstructing a cathedral / basements flooding with photographs / blown bits of construction paper in the wind / perception’s collage / diagonal cuts / orange lace knitted from tiny triangles overlaying everything / it is dizzying to see into another existence / it is impossible to describe what you find there / a dead bird / a blue bottle cap / a night decades past / after it had rained / and you want the artist to explain / but she says the layers of meaning and memory in this painting are too many to speak to / so you stand in the azure silence