Creativity and wonder around every turn!

In this class, students will explore various hand-building techniques to build their own maze, labyrinth or mandala-themed creations with clay. We’ll begin by designing cardboard template forms to build clay over, use coil and slab for walls and grooves then use textures, stencils, and stamps to add detail in our designs. These explorations can lead us to make three-tiered or wall planters, light orbs, bento boxes, or a very puzzling bird bath…..for the birds, that is!

Teaching Artist: Jesse Felix

Schedule/ Registration:

July 6 – July 9
Afternoon Session
2:30 – 3:15 pm

Ages: 9-13

Fee per student: $40 Clay fee: $5 Firing fee: $10
Members get 10% off all summer

Monday –
We will design our Labyrinth/ Mandala stencil
Choose textures and design elements
Prep our clay
Etch our design into our slab piece
Add designs elements and try out different techniques
Put it in our mold to rest
Build the birdbath base.
Show and Tell
How to transport to The Arts Center

How to source materials for making more creations:
Note: Ceramics classes include a $10 material fee
*Art package to be picked up at the art center before the start date.
There will be a few things to collect around the home as well!

Art package includes:

  • Stencil designs and source images
  • 1/4 bag of soft clay
  • Pre-made slabs of clay
  • Wooden board 15×15 (please return with work)
  • Large Graph paper
  • Thin skewer (Kebab stick or potters needle)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Old library card
  • Small Container of slip